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Adam Kokesh Released

Via Infowars.comkokeshpapers

May 24, 2013 Political activist Adam Kokesh was released from jail this afternoon. Kokesh was arrested last Saturday for exercising his First Amendment right at a protest. He called for a “new American revolution” to begin on July 4 with a march on all 50 state capitols. The release was announced on his Facebook page with the following message and photograph: Released 130524 with felony charges reduced to citations which I refused to sign. Played hardball. Won. Talk to you Monday.

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Adam Kokesh Accused of Felony Assault on Federal Officer – No Bail Yet – FreeAdam.net

Via FreeAdam.Net #FreeAdam

Thanks to the below video report from Josie Harris and Christopher Cantwell, direct from the federal courthouse in Philadelphia, we know that Adam is being held under 18 USC 11, felony assault on a federal officer. He was not released today but he has a detention hearing Thursday and might be released then. Thanks to Scott MacMillan we have a copy of the complaint against Adam.

The Free Adam Kokesh campaign will share more information as it becomes available. We all need to step up our activities in support of Adam in order to help Adam. He is in a very serious situation. We can not trust that justice will prevail inside the government injustice system. We have to use our rights to make justice prevail.

Speaking from personal experience, Adam is being framed. It’s that simple.

Adam Kokesh is an upstanding marine who is active for peace, marijuana legalization, the right to keep and bear firearms and other worthy causes.

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