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This Weekend in Portland, OR: 5th Annual EsoZone Alternative Culture and Thought Festival

EsoZone logo

The fifth annual EsoZone Portland event will be held this weekend at p:ear, Friday evening November 18th and Saturday November 19th (see the website for schedule and location information).

EsoZone is festival celebrating alternative culture and thought. It follows a hybrid unconference/conference model, meaning that in addition to pre-programmed content, participants can propose their own sessions to share their own ideas, projects and skills with the group.

This years presentations include:

  • Tom Henderson, author of the forthcoming book Punk Rock Mathematics, on illusory nature of self.
  • Eric Schiller of Beyond Growth on “digital hipsterism” and the rise of anti-intellectualism in social media.
  • Yoga for Slackers lead by Loren mccRory.
  • Grant Writing for Artists and Other Alien Beings lead by Amanda Sledz.
  • Anarcho-Sewing lead by Jillian Ordes-Finley.

Plus music and performances, and whatever sessions are proposed by this year’s participants.

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Portland Police Provocation at Anarchist Coffee Shop

From Nick Pell at Red Star Times.Red And Black Cafe

For those who have far better things to worry about, a recap: Recently, at a worker-owned Portland anarchist cafe, Red And Black, a police officer was asked to leave by a co-owner. A local blogger was outraged (enough so to revisit the subject), the insipid Portland hipster yuppie press picks it up and the national media has a field day yukking it up over the bizarre notion that some people don’t think cops are acceptable in polite company.

Meanwhile, no one (except Infoshop News in their roundabout, “let’s pretend we’re trying to be objective to avoid the political fight” identity politics-laden “anarchist” sort of way) asks the crucial question: Why is a police officer going into an anarchist cafe in the first place?

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