Organized Crime

As domestic bee colonies collapse in droves, the United States is being flooded with cheap, perhaps dangerous, Chinese honey in “the largest case of food fraud in history.” The Globe and Mail…

The Telegraph reports on Colombian police’s seizure of a parrot that served as a lookout for a drug cartel — the Spanish-speaking bird cries, “run, run you are going to get caught” upon spotting uniformed officers. Here’s the staggering part: authorities say they have seized nearly 1,700 parrots that were similarly under the employ of drug traffickers.

The economic crisis needs to be investigated using RICO laws used against organized crime, says Danny Schechter, author and director of Plunder: The Crime of Our Time. Wall Street made billions off mortgage fraud, and all the busts of mortgage lenders in the world won’t get the real culprits.

Schechter joins GRITtv’s Laura Flanders in studio to talk about the unreported story of the economic crisis, which continues to haunt millions of Americans, and which Paul Krugman recently referred to as the third depression.

Jesse Ventura appeared on the April 16, 2010 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss a number of issues, including third-party politics and alternative voting. Ventura also called for the Catholic Church to be prosecuted under the “Federal RICO laws of organized crime” for its involvement in covering up child molestations. Ventura also said he wants to see pot legalized in America, which of course Bill Maher very much agrees with.

Wow. This is pretty crazy. Thomas Watkins writes on the AP via Salon: California police department on alert for deadly traps. Police in this picturesque city in rural Riverside County have been…