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Russian Police Searching For More Members Of Pussy Riot

Fascinating, is this only the beginning of the Pussy Riot saga? Who are the unrevealed members of the art-protest sleeper cell? Rolling Stone reports:

Russian police are searching for additional members of feminist punk band Pussy Riot involved in the February “punk prayer” protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin that resulted in prison sentences last week for three women who participated. Police haven’t said who or how many more people they’re looking for. Five masked protestors were part of the 40-second demonstration inside Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral, though only three were arrested and tried. Pussy Riot is said to have more than 10 members.

Mark Feigin, a lawyer for Pussy Riot, believes authorities have surveillance footage from the February protest and are already aware of the other women’s identities. He said the search is a tool intended to put pressure on any members of the group who plan to continue protesting.

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