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Pandas Raised By People In Panda Suits

pandaVia ShortList, the story of a panda born into captivity in China that lives surrounded by humans in realistic panda costumes. It’s enough to make one wonder, have I lived my life surrounded by superior beings in human suits?

A captive born panda who has never seen a human face has celebrated his 1st birthday at Wolong Panda wild training base in China.

To prevent him from getting used to humans, since his birth staff have only ever approached him while wearing completely inconspicuous panda suits and have observed him and his mother from afar. As such they are hoping that he will adapt to life in the wild.

Since his birth Tao Tao has been learning all the behaviors pandas need in the wild, such as walking, climbing trees and looking for food. Tao Tao now weighs 25kg and is displaying wild panda habits, such as climbing trees and looking for food and water.

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