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Dancing On Pinheads

Many people have at some point heard, or are at least vaguely familiar with the question, “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” – a reference to the pointless theological debates that consumed much of European academia during the latter half of the Middle Ages.  Although it turns out this particular phrasing was most likely never actually discussed (not appearing in print until hundreds of years later as a retroactive jab at Thomas Aquinas and his “scholastic” brand of philosophy) it continues to serve as a handy metaphor for any dubious intellectual endeavor lacking in apparent practical value and without any foreseeable means of resolution.

Questions of this sort, while no longer at the forefront of serious scholarly inquiry, haven’t completely subsided in the modern age, especially in the United States where we have the unusual distinction of being by far the most religious of any advanced, industrial nation. … Read the rest

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How To Start A Dance Kult

BreakdanceLet’s start with what God is: the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The confusion about the nature of God starts with the idea God is separate from Existence. Also, there seems to be a tendency to treat the Father as God itself and the Son & Holy Spirit as a part of, but not equal to the Father. From these simple misunderstandings comes the logical paradoxes we’re all familiar with.

So here’s where we begin to clear things up. God is the single thing, but there are three aspects that make up the totality of God. Here’s the analogy: we take a piece of cheese. The cheese is one thing; however, there are aspects to the cheese that make up the whole thing: we have the shape, color & taste of the cheese. So where does the cheese end and its aspects begin? Well obviously that’s an impossible question.

So now the issue is defining the Father, Son & Holy Spirit aspects and how they together define God.… Read the rest

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The Ke$ha Kult Tarot Book

The KE$HA KULT TAROT BOOK is the result of a process. This is the story of that process.

The KKTB started life as three separate books. (In the order they were produced: The K.oM. BOOK1 (55 pages), The K.oM. BOOK0 (20 pages) & Introducing Metabolic Chambers (46 pages).

“KE$HA KULT” began exactly how I describe it in the book; I was a fan of KE$HA’s music, started noticing how our artistic vibes ‘meshed,’ read an article where she said ‘pop stars are like cult leaders,’ freaked out, created KE$HA KULT. KE$HA KULT then started assimilating all my previous works. And it was good. A KE$HA KULT BOOK (25 pages) was produced … and nothing happened … until Black Friday, 2010 when the Disinformation Company finally released ‘Introducing Metabolic Chambers’ on their website. I meant for it to be released on Halloween (culmination of the 7 Sisters), but what/ev, it worked out because one of the comments on the book was a link to another website which made this cryptic remark

“It seems some folks at Disinfo are engaging the Game.… Read the rest

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The Curse of Being Weird

The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #001 — The Curse of Being Weird

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In the introductory episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we introduce the listener to the show by discussing the show title and direction. As you may be wondering if this is a pagan podcast why does it have such an unusual and generic title and why does the show seem to focus on such a broad scope of issues? Good Point! I address these issues right in the beginning of this episode.

We learn about Aleister Crowley in the regular show segment A Corner in the Occult. Love him or hate him, he is one of the more well known figures from the last one hundred years of occult history. One of the members of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and primary figurehead behind the Ordo Templi Orientis, Aleister Crowley has influenced multiple spiritual, religious, and political movements; inspired a list of characters and films; and has even been the focus of famous song writers, singers, and musicians.

Later we address the issues with being an individual and what to avoid if you happen to be one of the cursed because being vastly different within any community is an extremely difficult thing to handle. Too many people fall in line with the norm and are oblivious to their situation, because to them they're like everyone else, and if this is the case then what can be wrong with that?

Are you a Pantheist? After all, many pagans consider themselves to be Pantheists. To finish the show we take a look into Pantheism by addressing the tenants of Pantheism as laid down by The World Pantheism Movement and other Pantheist organizations.

To message the show please go here.

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