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Ohio Family Claims To Be Haunted By Ghosts Having Sex

ghost-jpeg1This certainly raises all sorts of questions. CBS Cleveland reports:

An Ohio grandmother and her 4-year-old granddaughter say they have caught ghosts having sex inside their house.

Speaking to CBS Cleveland, Diane Carlisle said this visitation was the latest in a series that goes back to when she first moved to her Euclid home 12 years ago. Her photos prove it, she said.

This time, her granddaughter Kimora saw a man’s bare backside and a woman’s legs with high heels still on. At other times, they’ve seen men, women and children in various rooms and in her backyard.

Even her dog had an experience better to forget than remember. Walking up the stairs from the basement, something caught its hind legs and held them. Now, the dog avoids the basement.

The rest of the family has learned to live with them, Carlisle said.

“[My granddaughter, daughter and I] have grown with them around,” she said.

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‘Paranormal’ Now the Most Profitable Film Ever

Daniel Frankel writes in The Wrap:

“This will definitely echo around the halls of Viacom in New York,” said Don Harris, executive VP of distribution for Paramount on Sunday, shortly after it was announced that “Paranormal Activity” would lead the weekend box office with $22 million.

Harris’ jubilation was understandable.

Set to further expand its run this weekend from 1,945 locations to around 2,400, and having grossed $65.1 million through Wednesday on a sub-$15,000 production budget, “Paranormal” has already exceeded the film it is most often compared to, “The Blair Witch Project,” as the most profitable movie of all time.

“Blair Witch’s” $248.6 million worldwide haul a decade ago – juxtaposed against its $60,000 production costs – represented an almost unthinkable 414,233 percent return on investment.

Doing the same basic ROI math on “Paranormal” (65.1 million minus 15,000 divided by 15,000 times 100) yields an equally unfathomable result of 433,900 percent…

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