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Hearing ghost voices relies on pseudoscience and fallibility of human perception

Rob and Stephanie Levy (CC BY 2.0)

Did you hear that?
Rob and Stephanie Levy (CC BY 2.0)

Nontrivial numbers of Americans believe in the paranormal. These beliefs have spawned thousands of groups dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena and a proliferation of ghost-hunting entries in the reality television market. Anecdotal evidence even suggests that ghost-hunting reality shows have increased public openness to paranormal research, which usually entails a small group traipsing through reportedly haunted locales at night with various ghost-hunting technologies.

Audio recorders figure prominently in paranormal researchers’ toolkits. Microphones capture ambient sounds during the investigation. Later, the audio recordings are scoured in search of messages from spirits. The premise is that audio recording devices can register otherwise inaudible communications from discarnate entities.

These purported communications have been dubbed electronic voice phenomena (EVP). The sounds are generally brief – most examples consist of single words or short phrases. Perceived contents of EVP range from threatening (“You’re going to hell”) to bizarre (“Egypt Air”).… Read the rest

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The Cursed Death Road of New Jersey

Shades of Death Road
Have you heard of the Cursed Death Road of New Jersey?

Brent Swancer at Mysterious Universe explores the urban legends surrounding this place:

The ominously named Shades of Death Road is a narrow, two-lane road which winds and meanders for 7 miles (11.2 km) through the middle of Warren County, NJ alongside the somewhat forbidding Jenny Jump State Forest. With its many twists and turns through low hanging trees and their somewhat skeletal looking branches stretching overhead, Shades of Death Road is certainly spooky enough already, but it is the great amount of macabre history, strange phenomena and high strangeness it is steeped in that truly make this a terrifying place to be.

Once known simply as The Shades due to lying under the dense canopies of the numerous ancient trees that line it, the Shades of Death Road has a long history of death and misery that make it well deserved of its current, more sinister title.

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“Haunted Puppet” Caught Moving on Camera

Paranormal investigator, Jayne Harris, came into possession of a “haunted” puppet that attempted to choke its previous owner. Doing the only rational thing, Harris caged the puppet in a glass box and began recording it. The above video is alleged footage of the puppet moving.

Euan McLelland via The Daily Mail:

A creepy puppet said to have choked its former owner has been filmed moving inside a sealed glass container in the dead of night.

Paranormal Investigator Jayne Harris, 32, from Stourbridge, West Midlands, recorded the puppet every night for three months – after its previous owner claimed it tried to choke him to death.

And last month she was left dumbfounded, when her cameras caught the chilling moment the wooden doll appears to come to life.

Night-vision footage shows the puppet’s operating cross slowly moving upright before crashing into one of the sealed box’s glass panes.

Jayne, who investigates haunted dolls, said: ‘I’ve never had anything as exciting as this.

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The Synchronicity Movie “Time Is Art”


The elements of the painting “Gaia” by Alex Grey are discussed with him in the film. Notice the Twin Towers on the right with a plane directly above it, all the smoke and the tree on fire. It was painted prior to 9/11. Synchronicity?

The Synchronicity Movie is a documentary film about an atheist who discovers that there is more than what we can see with our 5 senses. Hello friends, talk about strange things and Synchronicity right? As some of you know I get contacted by many people because of my writing. Readers, magazines, radio, TV, filmmakers and in this case NYC filmmaker Katy Walker. Yes, she read my article “Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-creator,” said she really loved it and posted it at the site for her NEW Docu-Movie “Time is Art.” Although the film has been shot, it won’t be released until 11/11/15 waiting on final production.… Read the rest

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What Happens When You Blindfold Ouija Board Users?

How can we test whether or not ouija board players are actually being guided by paranormal entities? Blindfold them!

According to Relatively Interesting, the “mysterious energies” are probably due to ideomotor action…

Scientists and psychologists have demonstrated that many phenomena attributed to spiritual or paranormal forces, or mysterious “energies,” are actually due to ideomotor action. In an earlier article about Ouija Boards, we banished the idea that spirits were controlling the planchette on the board and instead suggested that the ideomotor effect was at play.

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The Ghost Infested Island of Lake Huron


One summer while I was still in elementary school, my mom, dad, and sister, visited Mackinac Island. We stayed there for about a week. The island is just off the coast of Michigan in Lake Huron and it’s a rather idyllic little place. No cars are allowed on the island, people get around by bike or horse buggy

It’s also home to a rather rich paranormal past. Being a naive kid, I didn’t understand the rich history this little island held. I certainly didn’t realize it was haunted. To be honest, I’m not sure if my pops did either, otherwise I’m sure he would have used it to his advantage to terrify my little sister and I.

If you want to learn more about Mackinac Island’s paranormal history, Brent Swancer has written at length about it over at Mysterious Universe:

Perhaps a good place to start would be at the historical epicenter of bloody violence on the island, Fort Mackinac.

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First Live TV Exorcism on Halloween Eve


Exorcisms have been shown on television before, but this Halloween Eve, Destination America will air the first ever live exorcism. Of a house. Unfortunately this isn’t quite as exciting as the exorcism of a person. It also doesn’t appear to be sanctioned by the Catholic Church, if that would legitimize the event for you.

Aptly named, Exorcism: Live!, will feature the team of Destination America’s Ghost Asylum as they travel to the house that inspired the 1973 horror classic, The Exorcist. Along with psychic medium, Chip Coffey, the group will attempt to rid the evil spirits lurking in the St. Louis home which housed the exorcism of Roland Doe in 1949.

The exorcism of Roland Doe was the inspiration for William Peter Blatty’s book and the subsequent Hollywood film. The anonymous boy, identified only as Roland Doe in documents, was reportedly an only child who relied on adults for playmates.… Read the rest

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Shay D. Coleman on PBM2L: What Is an Empath?

Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Shay D. Coleman on episode #55 of the Project Bring Me to Life podcast:

When you are around someone who feels sad, do you suddenly feel sad too? Maybe you get angry for no reason and don’t know why? You could be an empath.

In this episode of the PBM2L Podcast we speak with Shay D. Coleman about what is an empath and go over some of the ways you can protect yourself. We also talk with Shay about some of her early paranormal experiences and premonitions.

Shay is a clairvoyant empath born in New Jersey on June 30th, 1987. At age 7, she had her first premonition in which a deceased family member came to her to deliver a message. Shay currently provides tarot and rune readings, along with dream interpretations and spirit animal impressions.

Find out more by visiting sionna.weebly.com

Support PBM2L by following us on twitter @PBM2L.

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Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-creator

Sync final

Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-creator

Synchronicity: is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner [to the observer]. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance.

If you believe synchronicity is simply coincidence, then you haven’t read any of the top experts in the field. The famous psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung coined the term synchronicity in the 1920s to reference the alignment of universal forces with a person’s experiences.

These forces have been sought out for centuries in many spiritual traditions as a means of aligning with the “flow.” This usually takes years of disciplined meditation, study, ritual or by other means to navigate this journey toward a harmonic “individuation.” To some the search is inward for the self, yet for others it’s an outward search for spirituality.

My first experience with synchronicity was on March 21st at 3:03am which is the 3rd month, 3rd week, 3rd hour, 3rd minute or 3333, on the equinox and the moment of my birth.… Read the rest

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