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Agathe Snow — Total Attitude Workshop Video

Agathe Snow’s ‘Total Attitude Workshop Video’ records a troupe of models cheerfully proclaiming their five-point plan to improve their lives. Snow’s parody of celebrity self-help videos includes the advice to be transported back in time to Jesus’ birth and to Nazi Germany. She seemingly celebrates both feminist history and America’s cultural and historical ignorance.

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A Song of Mitt’s Self

Take a look at 'A Song of Mitt's Self', a parody of Mitt Romney's campaign ads that reveal more about the one-time socially moderate (or more socially moderate) Republican than a thousand of his own talking points. His run for the White House is somewhat reminiscent of John McCain's bid: A perceived "moderate" panders so far to the lunatic fringe that he loses any semblance of what could have made him palatable to mainstream voters in the first place.
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