RFID chip commercial This is what a real RFID chip commercial should look like. Oh, and don’t forget to ask your doctor how you can get one implanted today! Like JoyCamp on…

It’s not an environmental disaster, it’s an opportunity! The sad thing about this is that it’s not too far from the bullshit that the oil companies put out after every catastrophe, even…

Take a look at ‘A Song of Mitt’s Self’, a parody of Mitt Romney’s campaign ads that reveal more about the one-time socially moderate (or more socially moderate) Republican than a thousand of his own talking points. His run for the White House is somewhat reminiscent of John McCain’s bid: A perceived “moderate” panders so far to the lunatic fringe that he loses any semblance of what could have made him palatable to mainstream voters in the first place.


If this is what it takes for our men in uniform to deal with whatever daily horrors they face, then bring on the hip-shaking, heart-pumping fabulosity.

Sadly, unlike the original version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ video, Beyonce doesn’t make an appearance, but this little number’s coming straight out of Afghanistan and it is FIERCE.

Also, ferosh.