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Grant Morrison, Paul McGuigan And Stephen Fry Team Up For TV Series

Grant Morrison, ComiCon 2006. Photo: pinguino, CC

Grant Morrison, ComiCon 2006. Photo: pinguino, CC

Despite his unbelieveable success as a writer, Grant Morrison has yet to have one of his comics translated onto the screen. Now he’s going to be writing for TV and personally, I can’t wait! Via MTV News:

Comic book scribe Grant Morrison is teaming up with “Push” director Paul McGuigan for a currently untitled television series to be filmed in Scotland, according to McGuigan himself.

In an interview with Live For Films, McGuigan revealed that he’s developing a seven episode television thriller alongside Morrison and actor Stephen Fry, who comic book fans will remember as talk show host Gordon Deitrich in “V for Vendetta.”

“It takes place over seven days around an event that happens in Scotland,” said the “Push” filmmaker. “It’s a modern take on an old fable or fairy story. If you know [Grant’s] work you might have an idea of what it will be like.

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