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WIRED on Pseudo-Scientology Movie ‘The Master’

I’ve maintained a wary interest in the Church of Scientology since reading L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? (co-written by Hubbard’s estranged son Ronald DeWolf, and ,sadly, now out of print)  as a teenager. I’m not a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson’s work, but I’m still thinking about seeing his new film The Master, a movie about a man who falls under the sway of a Hubbard-like cult leader.

WIRED’s Hugh Hart has reviewed the film, praising it as an elegant dissection of “cult psychosis”:

The Master casts its own weird, R-rated spell not because it yields shocking revelations or clever plot twists. We never learn why Freddie’s such a high-strung mess, though his World War II combat experience would seem a likely source of trauma. Nor do we find out where Dodd — a character inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard — comes from or how he acquired his gift for wrapping people around his stubby fingers.

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P.T. Anderson’s Kinda-Probably-Maybe Scientology Film: ‘The Master’

Yesterday Yahoo! released an exclusive trailer for The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's film about a troubled young drifter who develops an intense relationship with the leader of a new religion which according to most is a barely concealed Scientology. As one of America's most provocative contemporary filmmakers, Anderson certainly has the chops to examine the perplexing allure of Scientology, but given the cult's religion's ubiquity among Hollywood's elite...
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