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Havelock Ellis, Lolita, & the Growing UK Student-Sex Worker Industry


The Fabian Society (originally the Fellowship of New Life) began with the sexologist Henry Havelock Ellis. Ellis is attributed with coining the word “homosexual” and was one of the first people in history to show an academic interest in pedophilia. Ellis was reputedly a sexual experimenter as well as a drug user, and allegedly even combined the two (hallucinogens and private group sex sessions). The writings of Ellis were among the key texts that formed the basis for sex education in British colleges and, later, schools. Ellis is sometimes known today as “the father of social psychology.” One of Ellis’ best known followers appears to have been the famous economist, John Maynard Keynes, known pederast and probably pedophile. Ellis’ influence extended to Freud, and later, to Vladimir Nabokov. Ellis’ research was a direct inspiration for Lolita, which is the tale of a twelve-year-old girl who seduces (rather than is exploited by) Humbert Humbert, the male protagonist.… Read the rest

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The Use and Abuse of Culture (and Children): The Human Terrain System’s Rationalization of Pedophilia in Afghanistan

Action in Afghanistan
David Price and Roberto J. González write at CounterPunch:

Over the past eight years, news reports gradually revealed that Afghan soldiers and police officers allied with US military forces are sexually abusing young boys held against their will—sometimes on US military bases. Last month, Joseph Goldstein (2015) published a front page story in the New York Times under the headline “US Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies,” which opened with the disturbing story of Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr., who was fatally shot along with two other Marines in 2012. Buckley was killed after he raised concerns about the American military’s tolerance of child sexual abuse practiced by Afghan police officers on the base where he was stationed in southern Afghanistan. Buckley’s father told the Times that “my son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.”

The Times story provides the now standard boilerplate narrative that adult men having sex with young boys–some as young as twelve years old–exemplify a culture complex known as bacha bazi, or “boy play.” But it also includes vignettes of US soldiers walking into rooms of Afghan men bedded with young boys, a young teenage girl raped by a militia commander while working in the fields, and the story of a former Special Forces Captain, Dan Quinn, who was disciplined after beating an Afghan militia commander who was “keeping a boy chained to his bed as a sex slave” (Goldstein 2015).

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Brain Scan Can Reveal a Person’s Sexual Attraction

Figure 2. Differences in brain activity between pedophiles and healthy volunteers. The axial statistical t-score maps show between-group differences in functional brain activation evoked by pictures of naked children and adults (with a threshold at P.001, uncorrected). Increased responses to child vs adult stimuli are presented in part A for male stimuli and in part B for female stimuli. The t-score maps were overlaid on a structural T1-weighted magnetic resonance image. The numbers represent the stereotactic z coordinate corresponding to each axial slice.

Figure 2. Differences in brain activity between pedophiles and healthy volunteers. The axial statistical t-score maps show between-group differences in functional brain activation evoked by pictures of naked children and adults (with a threshold at P.001, uncorrected). Increased responses to child vs adult stimuli are presented in part A for male stimuli and in part B for female stimuli. The t-score maps were overlaid on a structural T1-weighted magnetic resonance image. The numbers represent the stereotactic z coordinate corresponding to each axial slice.

An international team of scientists has devised a hemodynamic brain scan using MRI that can empirically measure a person’s sexual attraction, whether to male/female, adult/child. This test is much like a polygraph test, except using blood flow in the brain instead of skin conductivity/blood pressure to quantify a test subjects’ attraction to different images. The full publication can be viewed here.

Previously, scientists used a phallometric device, which girds the penis to measure inflation, to quantify a man’s attraction.… Read the rest

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Free Speech for Murderers and Freaks

freespeechI am sort of a live and let live kind of guy. I don’t really care what you do. At one point, I was employed as a prisoner rights advocate for the ACLU. One time I tried to help a bunch of murderers start a chapter of the Church of Satan inside prison walls under the guise of freedom of religion. It didn’t happen. The Department of Corrections sort of laughed at me.

Still though, I went to the wall for it. I tried really hard. Sometimes you just have to stand up for the rights of people to do really stupid shit, because it protects all of us. Right? Or maybe not.

What about Free Speech? You into that? What if it advocates mass murders, prejudice or diddling boys? Still down?

Check out the guys from Stormfront.

These guys are no fun at all. Stormfront is a white nationalist, neo-nazi Internet forum that has the distinction of being the Internet’s first major racial hate site.… Read the rest

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Because the Japanese Lolita Sex Dolls Just Aren’t Creepy Enough

As you may or may not be aware (and trust me, if not, your naivete is about to be shattered forever), there is a company in Japan that makes creepy, creepy life-like Lolita dolls.

Well, Buck Dobson (certainly doesn’t sound like a classically creepy name to me) is taking things a step further. One step beyond, as the kids say.

so very very creepy.

No word yet whether or not they’re compatible with AmericanGirl doll outfits.

For the children, of course. Praise Jeepers.

CSglobe tells the grotesque story:

Abused by his adult sister at the age of 10, Buck Dobson of Denver, Colorado, made his mission to cure pedophiles of their illness. But he says every attempt, such as rehabilitation and outreach programs, seems to have failed, which caused him to look into starting a company that will focus on creating child love dolls, according to Celebtricity.

However, the abuse inspired Dobson to spend most of his adult life working to cure pedophilia.

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Emerging victim testimonies of child abuse by British MPs

There have been many allegations of child abuse made over the past couple of years against various members of parliament and prominent media figures in Britain. But the media coverage has been minimal. Perhaps their silence is due to big media and the government being potentially implicated in this long running cover up.

Since the iconic British celebrity Jimmy Savile was posthumously uncovered as being a serial pedophile, necrophile and procurer of children in 2013, there have been more and more victims coming out about abuse in the 70s and 80s by figures of power both in politics and the media in Britain. It’s likely that the victims hadn’t spoken up until recently because they were put under the impression that nobody would believe them — they also feared for their and their families’ safety.

From this video you can see that Jimmy’s sexual appetite was common knowledge to anybody in the know.Read the rest

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Facing Disturbing Truths About Pedophilia Could Help Us Keep Kids Safer

Wayne Silver (CC BY 2.0)

Wayne Silver (CC BY 2.0)

When it comes to pedophiles and other people with weird sexual urges, our society is all about punishment, not prevention. We don’t want to help people who we think could mess with our kids. We want to pretend they don’t exist until they do mess with our kids, and then we want to punish and make an example of them. Even saying the words help and pedophile in the same sentence pisses people off. But this is likely the best path to reducing child sex abuse.

via Substance.com:

A guy I know was recently arrested for possessing child porn. We used to be friends but had a falling out years ago. Later he became kind of a big deal locally, a city councilor and the publisher of a magazine. Not surprisingly his being arrested got some attention in the media.

You might imagine I enjoyed some schadenfreude at the moment I saw his name in the paper, but as a sex addict I just felt bad for him.

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Pedophiles’ Brains Show Abnormal Reaction to Children’s Faces

criminalbrainThis kind of organic brain response is both bad news and good news: The bad news – especially for now – is that pedophilia might be hardwired in the brain. The good news – probably for the future – is that if science can decipher the workings of this organic machinery, then it might lead to ways to fix it.*

The brain circuits that respond to faces and sex appear to activate abnormally in pedophiles when they look at children’s faces, scientists say.

These new findings could lead to novel ways to diagnose pedophiles, and could shed light on the evolutionary roots of sex, the researchers added.

In the animal kingdom, there may be a number of mechanisms preventing adults from attempting sex with children. For example, “pheromones emitted by child mice inhibit sexual behavior of adult male mice,” said lead study author Jorge Ponseti, a sex researcher at Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel in Germany.

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When Pedophiles Want Help

PIC: Anthony Easton (CC)

PIC: Anthony Easton (CC)

Another amazing chapter from last week’s This American Life: This one explores the troublesome topic of pedophilia, but more specifically, how few options there are for people who identify as pedophiles and don’t want to act on their impulses. Reporter Luke Malone speaks with a young man who who wants help but can’t find it.

You can read the entire transcript here, if you’d rather.

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‘Pedo Baiting’ On Love + Radio

Disinfo readers may be interested in this episode of WBEZ Chicago’s Love + Radio podcast. Profiled is “Ellen” (not her real name), a woman who makes her living baiting and trapping pedophiles by posing as a young boy or girl online. Once Ellen gets her target in a compromising position she threatens to expose him unless he buys her an Amazon gift card, which she uses to purchase items she can sell online.

It’s an interesting story because of all of the questions it invites: Does doing something horrible to a horrible person mean that you’re a horrible person, too, or is Ellen a hero for effecting a kind of vigilante justice on one of the most loathed segments of society? If it is the latter, does her personal gain make his punishment an afterthought? Does not turning pedophiles over to the local police make her a party to their crimes?… Read the rest

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