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The Strange CIA Connection with Penn State Pedophile Jerry Sandusky

Jerry SanduskyLuke O’Brien writes on Deadspin:

We’ve written about Ray Gricar before. He’s the former Centre County district attorney who declined to prosecute Jerry Sandusky in 1998, despite a psychologist’s warning that Sandusky showed a “likely pedophile’s pattern” of behavior. On April 15, 2005, Gricar mysteriously disappeared from central Pennsylvania and, seemingly, from this earthly realm. Gone. No trail. Just an empty car with a cell phone inside.

Three months later, fishermen discovered Gricar’s government-issued laptop in the Susquehanna River. Police later found his hard drive on a riverbank, damaged so badly that no data could be recovered. They also learned about the Internet searches run on the DA’s home computer before his disappearance: “how to wreck a hard drive,” “how to fry a hard drive,” and “water damage to a notebook computer.”

Cases like this often don’t get solved. Rather, conspiracy theories pop up, some more wackadoodle than others. And when news about Sandusky’s alleged crimes broke last year, the tinfoil-hat crowd really rolled out the Reynolds Wrap.

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Sandusky “Victim One” Pulled From School Due to Bullying and Threats From Students and Staff

Central Mountain HighDon’t tell me the kind of things that happened in Nazi Germany could never happen in the USA … Ryan D. Buell reports in the Huffington Post:

Court records refer to him simply, as Victim One. Outside of a four-and-a-half page section about him in the grand jury indictment of ex-Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, little else has been discussed about him publicly.

Last week, his mother (whom I will refer to as “Mother One”) removed him from Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, Pa., where he was a senior and an all-star athlete. In an interview conducted last week, she explained why she pulled him from the school.

“They were not helpful,” Mother One said of the school’s administrators. “They wanted me to go home and forget about it.”

Mother One also alleges that since the Sandusky scandal erupted, fellow students and the high school’s football coach (who also serves as assistant principal) have all targeted her son with verbal attacks and threats of violence.

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