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Peter Schiff’s 3 Reasons Why Financial Reform Will Fail

Peter Schiff a/k/a "Dr. Doom" is known for extremely bearish views on the United States stock market, bond market, the US dollar, and the United States economy in general. He tells Yahoo Finance why the Dodd-Frank financial regulation reform law will fail:
1. The bill doesn’t get to the root causes of the crisis. Schiff blames former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s ‘too low for too long’ interest rate policy, combined with government-guaranteed mortgages for the rise and fall of the housing market. “That’s continuing today, it’s untouched by this bill. In fact, the Fed is more reckless today with zero percent interest rates than when they were one percent,” he tells Aaron in this clip.
Plus, with so many private lenders out of business, the government is guaranteeing an even greater...
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Left And Right Agree: Buy Gold!

goldWhen the New York Times runs a front page story suggesting that now is the time to buy gold and they quote Peter Schiff saying that paper money may become useless, is it time to buy, or a classic signal that the hype exceeds reality? Personally I think buying land, livestock and seeds might be a better bet…

It is the resurgent passion of the doomsday crowd, a bet that everything will go wrong. No matter what has you worried, they say, the answer is gold.

Inflation, deflation, government borrowing or the plunging euro — you name it — the specter of these concerns has set off a dash to gold, driving the precious metal to new highs and illustrating how fears of economic turmoil have moved from the fringe to the mainstream.

And gold bugs, often dismissed as crackpots who hoard gold bars in the basement, are finally having their day.

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