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Every End is a New Beginning: Happy Death Day to Al Bielek, Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Visionary

October 10, 2012 marks the 1 year anniversary of the death and passing through the astral plane of Al Bielek, a conspiracy theory icon known for his contribution to the legends of the Philadephia Experiment and the Montauk Project.  Bielek claimed he began recovering memories of his involvment in the secret U.S. government research programs after seeing the movie The Philadelphia Experiment in 1988.  He went public in 1989, and cemented his legend in a classic interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM in 1993. 

While serving as a Navy engineer during WWII, Bielek claimed he witnessed the events of the legendary Philadelphia Experiment(s) of 1943, in which it is alleged the U.S.S. Eldridge, while docked in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, was rendered invisible during the initial experiment, then accidently teleported to Norfolk, Virginia in the follow-up experiment .  According to legend, upon the vessel’s reappearances some sailors on the ship experienced strong psychological disturbances, while others were tragically embedded into the metal structures of the ship.  It has been suggested that these experiments were carried out using intense electromagnetic fields, and were based on secret discoveries into the Unified Field Theory made by Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, John von Neumann and other scientific leaders of the 20th century. 

Bielek also claimed that he later became involved with the Montauk Project, an alleged continuation of research into the areas of teleportation, time travel, and various areas of parapsychology (including telepathy, telekinesis and mind control) based on the discoveries made during the Philadelphia Experiment and other, post-WWII research projects.  During his time in the Montauk Project, Bielek claimed to have been the Operations Manager for experiments involving the “Montauk Chair” in the 1970’s, and when time travel programs became operational in the 1980’s, travelled to 100,000 B.C., 6037 A.D., and Mars. 

Here is video of a presentation by Al Bielek called From Philadelphia to Phoenix: The Psychotronic Connection, from the 1991 USPA (United States Psychotronic Association) Conference:

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