What causes sinkholes like this to open up so rapidly? Anyone? This latest example is reported by The Local:

A large sinkhole opened up overnight in the middle of residential area in Thuringia [Germany], sucking a nearby car and part of a garage into its depths and forcing authorities to evacuate residents, police said on Monday.


The crater, measuring some 40 by 15 metres, appeared in the town of Schmalkalden around 3 am, a police spokesperson said. A nearby resident heard the noise and called police…

The photos are in LIFE, brought to you here by CNN:

America loves its outlaws, but few of us actually dare to live the lifestyle. Veteran LIFE photographer Bill Ray got about as close as anyone, riding along with a notorious biker gang.

In 1965, the Hells Angels were little known outside the American West. Ray spent several weeks in Southern California, photographing and traveling with the San Bernardino chapter of a gang that would soon become notorious for its hedonistic, lawless swagger.

How did Obama get the Eye of Thundera?  It’s the source of the ThunderCat’s power!  An inside source at Flickr has discovered this undoubtedly classified photo.  WikiLeaks, eat your heart out. Does…