Placebo Effect

Shirley S. Wang reports on the increasing clinical use of placebos for the Wall Street Journal: Say “placebo effect” and most people think of the boost they may get from a sugar…

For those who love a good bit of debunking, Ben Goldacre‘s Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks is going to be compelling reading. As Katherine Bouton notes in the New York Times,

Ben Goldacre is exasperated. He’s not exactly angry — that would be much less fun to read — except in certain circumstances. He is irked, vexed, bugged, ticked off at the sometimes inadvertent (because of stupidity) but more often deliberate deceptions perpetrated in the name of science. And he wants you, the reader, to share his feelings.

He explains to New Scientist some of his favorite peeves: