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Bronx Man Finds 3-Foot-Long Snake on His Toilet Seat

SnakesInAToiletGet These Motherfucking Snakes Off My Motherfucking Toilet! Kevin Deutsch and Leo Standora report in the Daily News:
A Bronx man got the scare of his life last night when he went into his bathroom, turned on the light and found a 3-foot snake comfortably coiled on the toilet seat. "There's a giant snake on my toilet," he told cops who arrived at his apartment on White Plains Road in Soundview. The cops corralled the slithery visitor, which turned out to be a harmless corn snake, bagged it and turned it over to the ASPCA. The shaken man told cops the reptile wasn't his pet and probably had made its way into his bathroom through the plumbing. "Look, anytime you walk into your bathroom and find a big snake staring you in the eye, it's going to spook you," said one officer. "We've got enough problems here with bugs and mice. Now there's snakes coming up through our toilets," she said. "That's just scary."
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Too Much Fat in London’s Pipes

Agence France-Presse via the Raw Story reports an interesting story about the London sewage system. A buildup of solidified cooking fat has become a hindrance in the flow of the city’s piping:

“A team of workers sporting breathing apparatus and carrying shovels has started clearing around 1,000 tonnes of fat from sewers around London’s Leicester Square, a water company said Tuesday.

Cooking fat being poured down drains under one of the city’s main tourist attractions is thought to be causing blockages.

Leicester Square borders London’s Chinatown and its bustling restaurants and cafes, as well as the West End and Soho entertainment districts.

The clean-up, which could take up to two months, is described as the biggest ever of its kind by Thames Water, the firm organising it.

Danny Brackley, one of those involved in the clean-up, said they could not even access the sewers at first as they were blocked by a four foot (1.2 metre) thick wall of solid fat.”

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