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Police Narrowly Prevent Mass Suicide By Brazilian Doomsday Cult

Soup, rather than Kool-Aid, was likely the method to be utilized. The Daily Mail reports:

Police swooped on a Brazilian doomsday cult just 10 minutes before more than 100 followers were about to commit mass suicide by drinking poisoned soup.

Elite troops burst into a building where self-proclaimed prophet Luis Pereira dos Santos had barricaded himself in after predicting the world would end at 8pm. There was believed to be an exchange of gunfire between the group and police who used gas bombs and pepper spray during the assault. Santos was arrested as officers took away a tub containing a sweet paste made from Caju fruit which they suspected contained a toxic product.

Known to his flock as Daddy Luis, Santos had claimed an angel visited four years ago telling him the exact time the world was going to end. Last month, the 43-year-old spiritual leader instructed his 113 followers to leave their jobs, give away all their possessions and take their children out of school, police confirmed.

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Urgent Public Service Announcement: Do Not Drink Liquid Nitrogen

Picture: David Monniaux (CC)

Attention, consumers of fluids! Put your drink down now! Is it fuming? Inhumanly cold? Have your fingers become like glass, even now threatening to shatter into a thousand fleshy splinters? You may be drinking liquid nitrogen. That feeling in your stomach isn’t regret, it’s a perforation.

Too bad someone didn’t clue in an unnamed Lancashire woman who decided to chug-a-lug a cocktail full of liquid nitrogen that maybe that might not be such a good idea. According to the BBC, emergency surgeons had to REMOVE HER STOMACH after she drank the deadly drink, apparently served to her at a bar. The bar’s owners have been instructed not to serve any more drinks containing liquid nitrogen, although one must wonder why anyone would have to be told not to do so in the first place.

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