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‘The World of Pokemon is a World of the Demonic!’

via True Slant

I’ve become used to various religions bashing various games based on their inclusion of extremely brutal violence, or god forbid, even worse, sex, but this is a new one, even for me.

This video shows a TV pastor (anyone know his name) educating his flock on the demonic powers of Pokemon and the choking evil grip it has over our nation’s children. In one fell swoop he manages to express his complete lack of understanding over not only Pokemon, but also his own religion.

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Herman Cain Repeatedly Quoting Pokemon On Presidential Campaign Trail

pikachu22smallIn a climatic moment at last Thursday's Republican presidential debate, Herman Cain summed up his vision for the future with message "Life can be a challenge, life can seem impossible, but it's never easy when there's so much on the line" -- a direct quote lifted from the song "The Power of One" from the film Pokemon: The Movie 2000. Cain has also quoted the Pokemon movie "on his official website, at his official campaign announcement in May, and at the Republican Leadership Conference in June." It raises the question, what exactly is going on with Herman Cain and Pokemon? Via Joystiq:
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