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Polish Singer Uses Bikini Photos In Election Campaign


"Beautiful, independent, and competent."

Katarzyna Szczolek, known as singer Sara May in Poland, is campaigning for a seat in the Warsaw district council. It seems she thinks that if sexy sells albums it will get votes. From The Huffington Post:

A Polish singer says she is determined to break out of pop music and into local politics — so much so that she’s taken to distributing scintillating photographs of herself posing in a bikini to ensure her campaign isn’t overlooked.

The Toronto Sun reports that Katarzyna Szczolek, who is better known in Poland by the stage name Sara May, is hoping a series of sizzling campaign images will help her nab a spot on the Warsaw district council as a representative of her native district, Bemowo.

On her official blog, the curvy Szczolek touts herself as “honest, consistent, ambitious, hardworking and independent.” She goes on to note that she “wants to change the world and help people solve their problems…I am young, but I have a lot of experience and my education is related to cultural policy, media and soliciting funds from the European Union.”

Listen to one of Sara May’s pop tune In The End

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Claim: Man Who Shot Polish Plane Crash “Gunshots” Footage Stabbed To Death

More fuel for the Polish plane crash conspiracy theories, from PrisonPlanet.com:
The man who filmed a video that appeared to depict gunshots being fired in the immediate aftermath of the Polish plane crash has apparently been stabbed to death in what many are claiming was a deliberate assassination to silence the individual from making public whatever it was he saw.
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Plane Crash of Poland’s Government: Your Theories

Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M, similar to the one that crashed in Russia.  Photo: Hiuppo (CC)

Tupolev Tu-154M, Polish Air Force. Photo: Hiuppo (CC)

Damian Thompson writes in the UK’s Daily Telegraph that he fully expects myriad conspiracy theories about the unfortunate plane crash killing Poland’s president and other government members. I’m sure he’s right, but having flown on a similarly vintage Tupolev jet I suspect that it’s more likely a case of the Russian plane being unsafe, too old and way past it’s junkyard date. Here’s Thompson’s view:

Polish president Lech Kaczynski has been killed in an air crash, along with many of his country’s top brass. One of the nastier consequences of international disasters is that conspiracy theorists rush to judgment – and I do mean rush. The fact that the president and so many of the Polish elite were on a visit to Russia will feature prominently in the fantastic stories being cooked up in cyberspace right now. And I can say with confidence that they are being cooked up, because Poland, like most East European countries, is obsessed with conspiracies.

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Poland Okays Forcible Castration For Pedophiles

Is this the best way to deal with pedophiles? A lot of people would say yes – thoughts?

Reuters report:

WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland on Friday approved a law making chemical castration mandatory for pedophiles in some cases, sparking criticism from human rights groups.

Under the law, sponsored by Poland’s center-right government, pedophiles convicted of raping children under the age of 15 years or a close relative would have to undergo chemical therapy on their release from prison.

“The purpose of this action is to improve the mental health of the convict, to lower his libido and thereby to reduce the risk of another crime being committed by the same person,” the government said in a statement.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said late last year he wanted obligatory castration for pedophiles, whom he branded ‘degenerates’. Tusk said he did not believe “one can use the term ‘human’ for such individuals, such creatures.”

“Therefore I don’t think protection of human rights should refer to these kind of events,” Tusk also said.

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