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The American Political Prisoner You’ve Never Heard About

This past week Professor Sheldon Wolin, who coined the idea of “Inverted Totalitarianism,” passed away. In the same week, U.S. political prisoner Reverend Ed Pinkney had his phone privileges and contact with the outside world taken away. These may seem like two unrelated events, but you’d be wrong. Lee Camp explains how Wolin and Pinkney are connected through “Inverted Totalitarianism.”

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Adam Kokesh Accused of Felony Assault on Federal Officer – No Bail Yet – FreeAdam.net

Via FreeAdam.Net #FreeAdam

Thanks to the below video report from Josie Harris and Christopher Cantwell, direct from the federal courthouse in Philadelphia, we know that Adam is being held under 18 USC 11, felony assault on a federal officer. He was not released today but he has a detention hearing Thursday and might be released then. Thanks to Scott MacMillan we have a copy of the complaint against Adam.

The Free Adam Kokesh campaign will share more information as it becomes available. We all need to step up our activities in support of Adam in order to help Adam. He is in a very serious situation. We can not trust that justice will prevail inside the government injustice system. We have to use our rights to make justice prevail.

Speaking from personal experience, Adam is being framed. It’s that simple.

Adam Kokesh is an upstanding marine who is active for peace, marijuana legalization, the right to keep and bear firearms and other worthy causes.

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As The World Marks International Mandela Day, Mandela’s Legacy Is Debated: Which Narrative Will Prevail?

Nelson_MandelaAt 94, Nelson Mandela is still kicking, inspiring an international day of community service on Juy 18th in his name. This seems to be an idea that Barack Obama borrowed for similar events in the USA.

While activists, athletes and entertainers are honoring him by responding to his call for engagement, journalists in the obit departments of the world’s news networks are quietly, even secretly, combing their archives for footage and tributes that will air when he moves on to the next world.  They are getting ready and seem to think it will happen sooner rather than later.

I have already seen a program length obit that a major network has ready to go.

Barring some major disaster at the same time, Mandela’s death may receive more visibility than the achievements of his long life.

The question is: which Mandela will be memorialized? Will it be he leader who built a movement and a military organization to fight injustice or a man of inspiration with a great smile who we admire because of the many years he suffered behind bars?… Read the rest

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