I’m just a cab driver.

But unlike the current GOP front runner, even I know that the debt ceiling is about paying back the money congress has already borrowed on Americans’ behalf. And I know that there is no “option C” to either bailing out Bank of America or letting them fail in the next (post Glass-Steagall) financial brink. (Sorry Ben Carson, but the laws of physics don’t allow you to move millions of account holders’ trillions of dollars to “another tier” of banks in the midst of a collapse.)

But the laws of physics don’t seem to apply to this week’s GOP free-for-all…

In San Francisco, where I have driven a taxi for five years running now, I have traversed these streets and borne witness first hand to a transformation into what could easily be confused for the Industrial Revolution.

From the neo-robber baron likes of Uber and Lyft shifting all liability for public safety onto unregulated numbers of a new and desperate subcontracted workforce – while playing middle man to their sub-prime car loans, to the Ayn Rand-ian Airbnb bosses shelling out $8 million to defeat a proposition that would have limited the ability of housing supply-strapped San Francisco to turn rent-controlled units into for-profit hotel room… er, “shares”.

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