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Wisconsin Legislators Want to Make Prank Calls Illegal

Scott Walker. Photo: WisPolitics.com (CC)

Scott Walker. Photo: WisPolitics.com (CC)

Aaron Cynic writes at Diatribe Media:

In late February, Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast punked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker when he called the governor’s office, pretending to be billionaire David Koch.

Not only did he embarrass the union busting politician, but he revealed some dirty tricks the governor planned to use against the Wisconsin Democratic opposition to his anti-union bill and exposed the callous attitude people in power have towards their subjects.

When a smart and resourceful citizen exposes a politician’s contempt for a large portion of his constituency, there aughta be a law. Thankfully, two Republican Wisconsin legislators, who deny any connection to the prank call on the governor, have written one.

The Badger Herald reports the bill would prohibit callers from “defrauding” someone on the other end by pretending to be someone else. In an email to legislators, Rep. Mark Honadel and Sen.

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