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The Corporate Preppers

Preppers have always been individuals driven to take measures to survive what they perceive as the approach of end-times, or at least hard times. Overstock may be the first prepper corporation and its plans to survive the Apocalypse are revealed by Buzzfeed:

Overstock is best known for selling discount merchandise online, but the company has another trick up its sleeve: it has hoarded food, cash and digital currencies in preparation for a disaster scenario that could cripple lesser online retailers.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

“I want a system that can survive a three month freeze,” CEO Patrick Byrne told BuzzFeed News. “If the whole thing collapses I want our system to continue paying people, we want to be able to survive a shutdown of the banking system.”The Utah based company has made headlines in the past for its drawn out fight with hedge funds it accused of manipulating the company’s stock, and its CEO’s interest in digital currencies.

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The British people preparing for the end of the world

Apparently Britain has preppers too, per BBC News. I had thought it was a peculiarly American phenomenon, but once again America has successfully exported its cultural zeitgeist around the world:
Gaye with our AR15_1

British survivalists – known as “preppers” – are fixated on the need to survive in the event of a catastrophe. What motivates them?

Beside a stream in the middle of the Bedfordshire countryside, Peter Stanford – who describes himself as a motivational life coach – is pumping up his inflatable canoe by hand.

This is his chosen method of transport for escaping an “apocalyptic situation”, which he views as anything from a financial crash to a repeat of the London riots.

“I’m not living on a knife-edge waiting for a catastrophe to happen,” he explains.

Stanford is hoping to take to water after sunset – under the cover of darkness – to practise what might happen if he needed to flee.

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When The Apocalypse Comes, Preppers Will Be Ready. But You Won’t

Nicky Wolf reports for the Guardian from the National Preppers and Survivalists Expo in Florida, where “survivalists are ready to bug out (or in) with everything imaginable – from bowie knives to chainsaws”:

It’s the night before Valentine’s Day, and the world is ending.

I am in Lakeland, Florida, for the weekend; a small, well-manicured town surrounded by strip malls and lakelets an hour outside of Tampa. The breeze is cool, but the air tastes of the tropics. There are alligators in the lakes, I’m told.

Tomorrow at 9am, the doors will open for the National Preppers and Survivalists Expo, the largest of its kind for people preparing to face the apocalypse, civil unrest, natural disasters or some combination of all three.


Some of them are preparing to “bug-out” (as in, run for the hills when the shit hits the fan) in large paramilitary units or tightknit bug-out teams. Others are preparing to “bug-in”: hunker down in bunkers with an appalling amounts of guns, ammunition and freeze-dried macaroni.

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How To Survive The Apocalypse: Use Artificial Organs (With This Handy Kit)

Photo: Takram

Photo: Takram

Just when you thought that you’d stuffed your go bag with all the essentials, along comes Wired with news of the ne plus ultra of apocalypse survival kits, this one containing five artificial organs to insert into your body…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the end of the world came and we were all just gone? Maybe it sounds defeatist, but just think how easy things would be if our impending apocalyptic event happened and we simply disappeared. There’d be no need to rebuild, no need to struggle, no need to adapt our bodies to a forever-altered environment. Of course, no one really knows what kind of world-ending event will occur or how we humans will react, but there’s been plenty of speculation on the subject anyway. One of the more elaborate scenarios dreamt up is from Korean artists Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho, who in their recent project News From Nowhere envision a world on the brink of annihilation thanks to a cataclysmic series of events, both man-made and natural.

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Are You Really Prepared For A Natural Disaster?

As I write the The National Weather Service in Upton has issued a Blizzard Warning for the New York City area. Weather Underground advises:

A Blizzard Warning means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Falling and blowing snow with strong winds and poor visibilities are likely. This will lead to whiteout conditions… making travel extremely dangerous. Do not travel. If you must travel… have a winter survival kit with you. If you get stranded… stay with your vehicle.

But in looking through the various web-sites on disaster preparedness, there is an almost hilarious amount of wise-acreing.  There are some good sites with honest people recommending good choices,  but for the most part it is a burgoo of foolishness and hence you get my lengthy and somewhat indignant commentary on just how imbecilic and unconscionable this entire “Mad Max” industry is.

First of all, there is a bewildering array of options that virtually every site offers—who can sort through this nonsense? … Read the rest

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Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza’s Mother Was A Paranoid Survivalist

Via the Independent, when preparation for civilization’s breakdown becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy:

The mother of Adam Lanza, the gunman who killed 20 children and six adults in one of America’s worst ever school massacres, was a “survivalist” preparing for economic and social collapse, it has emerged.

Nancy Lanza was a so-called ‘prepper’, part of the survivalist movement which urges individuals to prepare for the breakdown of society by training with weapons and hoarding food and other supplies. Mrs Lanza is thought to have trained her sons to shoot, taking them to local ranges.

Friends and family have portrayed Mrs. Lanza as a paranoid [individual] who believed the world was on the brink of violent collapse. “She prepared for the worst,” her sister-in-law Marsha Lanza told the Chicago Sun-Times, saying Nancy repeatedly talked about her preparations for the economic and social meltdown.

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What to Do After the End Times

As the hoopla around the Mayan calendar ends after Dec. 21, we will once again be faced with wondering when the next hurricane Sandy may hit the east coast? What happens if the power grid gets knocked out? Or if the economy crashes? If Sandy taught us anything, it’s that the systems we depend on for our survival — for energy, food, clean water — are fragile and the potential for disruption is real. In our era, being prepared for a major crisis isn’t alarmist, it’s common sense.

For nearly three decades, Aton Edwards has been acquiring the skills that make him one of the world’s leading emergency survival experts. A specialist in the fields of self-reliance, emergency preparedness, and sustainable living, Aton is also a social activist and community organizer — the ideal person to teach the Evolver community the basics of disaster preparation. And, as a former stand-up comic, his delivery is far from dry.… Read the rest

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The Mad Max Economy

Photo: Gbleem (CC)

It’s no surprise that preppers and their suppliers are having an “I told you so” moment in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s assault on the media capital of the world. The New York Times leads its Sunday Business section with a story about a booming business segment built on Americans’ fears of a return to the dark ages:

Waukesha, Wis.: Folks here don’t wish disaster on their fellow Americans. They didn’t pray for Hurricane Sandy to come grinding up the East Coast, tearing lives apart and plunging millions into darkness.

But the fact is, disasters are good business in Waukesha. And, lately, there have been a lot of disasters.

This Milwaukee suburb, once known for its curative spring waters and, more recently, for being a Republican stronghold in a state that President Obama won on Election Day, happens to be the home of one of the largest makers of residential generators in the country.

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The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Episode 16: Author and Survivalist Scott B. Williams

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Scott B. Williams is the author of several books on travel, emergency preparation and survival, including Getting Out Alive: 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Survived, Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late, and Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters: Build and Outfit Your Lifesaving Escape. However, his most recent book is a work of fiction: The Pulse: A Novel of Survival of Surviving the Collapse of the Grid:

As massive solar flares bombard the Earth, an intense electromagnetic pulse instantly destroys the power grid throughout North America. Within hours desperate citizens panic and anarchy descends. Surrounded by chaos, Casey Drager, a student at Tulane University, must save herself from the havoc in the streets of New Orleans. Casey and two of her friends evacuate the city and travel north, where they end up in the dangerous backwaters of Mississippi, forced to use their survival skills to seek refuge and fight for their lives.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Casey’s father, Artie, finds himself cut off and stranded. His Caribbean sailing vacation has turned into every parent’s nightmare. Warding off pirates and tackling storms, Artie uses the stars to guide him toward his daughter.

The Pulse is a compelling action-adventure novel that reveals what it would take to survive in a world lit only by firelight, where all the rules have changed and each person must fend for himself.

Join host Matt Staggs as he and Scott B. Williams discuss the likelihood of a mass catastrophic event, essential survival techniques and the frightening world of The Pulse.
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America’s Survival Subculture

Reuters reports on yet another uniquely American subculture:

When Patty Tegeler looks out the window of her home overlooking the Appalachian Mountains in southwestern Virginia, she sees trouble on the horizon.

“In an instant, anything can happen,” she told Reuters. “And I firmly believe that you have to be prepared.”
Tegeler is among a growing subculture of Americans who refer to themselves informally as “preppers.” Some are driven by a fear of imminent societal collapse, others are worried about terrorism, and many have a vague concern that an escalating series of natural disasters is leading to some type of environmental cataclysm.

They are following in the footsteps of hippies in the 1960s who set up communes to separate themselves from what they saw as a materialistic society, and the survivalists in the 1990s who were hoping to escape the dictates of what they perceived as an increasingly secular and oppressive government.

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