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Donald Trump: ‘I Won’t Run For President’

Photo: Gage Skidmore (CC)

Photo: Gage Skidmore (CC)

To no one’s great surprise, Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy turns out to be about as real as his hair, but he kept the prospect of it going long enough to get his TV series renewed. Via USA Today:

Donald Trump says he is not running for president next year, ending weeks of speculation in which he dominated headlines about the 2012 race for the GOP nomination.

The real estate mogul and reality TV star says: “I am not ready to leave the private sector.”

His decision comes the day after NBC announced it would continue Trump’s show, The Celebrity Apprentice, with or without the real estate mogul as its host. The show will resume in January.

Trump said in a statement that he was confident he could beat the Republican field and, eventually, President Obama. He also vowed to continue to speak out on key issues such as the nation’s debt and its ability to compete with China in the global marketplace.

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It’s Official: Ron Paul Is Running For President (Again)

Too old? Nah. Ron Paul may not have much chance of winning, but he'll likely force the other presidential candidates to face up to some of the tough issues America needs to deal with. Paul Steinhauser reports for CNN:
Saying "the time is right" because more people agree with his positions, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas on Friday announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. The long-time lawmaker, who was first elected to the House of Representatives 35 years ago, says he's optimistic...
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Republican Gary Johnson Running For President In 2012

johnsonprez The Raw Story reports:
Former Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NM) announced Thursday morning that he's running for president in 2012, adding a fresh libertarian perspective to a field of candidates touting their social conservative credentials. The ex-governor is perhaps best known in recent years as an outspoken opponent of the drug war who believes marijuana should be legalized. He's in favor of same sex marriage, saying it would reflect America's commitment to "freedom" and "liberty." And he wants to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Johnson, a long-shot at best for the GOP nomination, first made the announcement on Twitter, following it with a series of tweets previewing his campaign platform. "Ready for smaller government? More liberty and personal freedom," he tweeted. "Right now, we need to fix the fiscal mess. The writing of a financial collapse is on the wall. Balance the federal budget tomorrow."
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