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Few presidential candidates have military experience


It has always been a sort of unspoken rule that military experience is a requirement for running the oval office. But in a day and age when presidential prospects are more about celebrity status than adherence to the Constitution, does it really matter? Apparently, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and Jim Webb are the only major presidential contenders with any experience donning the uniform. And when one of the only presidential prospects is a neocon war-monger, that’s pretty bad. Seeing as the televised debates only seem to focus on whatever the trending story of the moment on twitter is (#twitterisapsyop) then that makes it really hard for voters to wrap their heads around the important questions–like, which candidates won’t throw us into unconstitutionally declared wars?

That trend is no more apparent than in the 10 Republican presidential candidates who will line up for the first GOP debate Thursday night. None of the participants has any military service, leaving some veterans’ groups and veterans alike to wonder: During a time when the U.S.

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Romney’s Threat to Big Bird Confuses Those in Other Countries

Pat Nixon welcomes Big Bird to the White House

Picture: Wikimedia Commons (CC)

Twitter exploded following the first presidential debate after candidate Mitt Romney promised to de-fund Sesame Street on PBS, resulting in dozens of parody accounts, a perplexed Big Bird, and some SNL punning. And while conservatives (who disproportionately think that PBS is liberal social engineering) were thrilled, many people in other nations were left scratching their heads.

via Robert Mackey at NYTime’s The Lede Blog:

Mr. Romney’s decision to run against Big Bird gladdened American conservatives, who have long complained of a liberal bias on public television and radio channels, but puzzled many viewers abroad, where local versions of the educational program are popular and well respected. In France, Le Monde reported that the slight against le Gros Oiseau threatened to spiral into “l’affaire Big Bird,” after President Obama — experiencing a certain esprit d’escalier — came up, a day late, with the retort: “Thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on Big Bird.

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