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The Process Church of the Final Judgement – Right Where you are Sitting Now

Right Where you are Sitting Now – Episode 39 – The Process Church of Final Judgment

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This week we talk to former member of The Process Church of the Final Judgement, Timothy Wyllie. Timothy has recently authored a fantastic book about his time in The Process, ‘Love, Sex, Fear, Death: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgement‘.  In this weeks episode we discuss: The Process Church, Scientology, the controversies of the Process Church, why the church continues to have an influence, Dolphins and ET’s, and much more!

Timothy Wyllie Biography:

Timothy Wyllie is a writer specialising in the study of “non-human intelligences” such as angels. He was born in London in 1940. He moved to America in the mid-sixties and now lives in the desert of New Mexico. He had a near death experience in 1973. Afterwards, he devoted himself to the study of “non-human intelligences” (such as angels, dolphins, and extraterrestrials) using visual art, music and writing as the three main means of communication.… Read the rest

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