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The High Cost of Remote Viewing

What would you pay to be able to see the unseeable? Or, to be more accurate, what would you pay to POSSIBLY be able to see the unseeable?

People have been seeking the consultation of psychics, fortune-tellers, soothsayers, and clairvoyants since the beginning of civilization.  It was customary for kings to have a psychic available at all times for advice on various issues, and the local priest often acted as a seer for their flock.  Astrology is a science (or pseudoscience, depending on one’s perspective) that dates back to antiquity.

According to a market research report from IBISWorld, it was estimated that the Psychic Services Industry took in $2.1 billion in revenue in 2012, with millions of people still calling “900” numbers for advice and accessing psychics online, and many others seeking in-person readings from brick and mortar psychics.

But, what if instead of having to rely on a psychic, one could be their own psychic?  … Read the rest

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