prop 19

What’s good about legalizing marijuana? NOTHING.

Opponents of California’s Proposition 19 ballot measure are buying television and radio ad time by the bundle to alert voters to the horrors of marijuana decriminalization. In this commercial punctuated by chilling, chunging jungle drums, we learn that legalizing weed will lead to highways swarming with teens practicing “drugged driving” and the takeover of our land by “marijuana operatives.” Be sure to vote tomorrow.

From Kevin Booth, director of How Weed Won the West:

Californians: Are you voting no on Prop 19? We’re not preaching to the choir. Don’t be willfully ignorant and vote against your best interests this Tuesday. Prop 19 does NOT interfere with Prop 215 and the current medical marijuana laws. Cannabis will never be legalized by the general public without a tax attached to it. VOTE YES ON PROP 19!