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Should the State Seize Your Firearms if You’re On Meds?

Picture: RAMA (CC)

Picture: RAMA (CC)

The attorney for a New York State man claims his client’s firearms license was revoked after the state learned he was on an anti-anxiety medication. Is this a sign of future things to come? Should the state be able to seize your firearms if you’re on certain medications?

Via LiveScience:

An attorney for an upstate New York gun owner claims his client’s permit to own firearms was suspended by state police because he received a prescription for anti-anxiety medication.

“It’s disconcerting to know that if your doctor prescribes you a psychotropic medication … that results in the state police trolling to pick up this information, and if you do have a gun license, it will be revoked,” Jim Tresmond, attorney and gun-rights advocate, told Buffalo news station WKBW.com.

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