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Hillary Clinton Announces She Has No Intention Of Running For Elective Office Ever Again

Those of you who are awaiting a presidential ballot with Hillary Clinton as the first woman to run in the US can stop holding your breath. The Raw Story reports:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared Sunday that she has no intention of running for public office ever again.

The 63-year-old former senator from New York made the comments in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” Video of her remarks follows below.

“I am very happy doing what I’m doing and I am not in any way interested in or pursuing anything in elective office,” the onetime first lady said.

“I love what I’m doing. I can’t tell you what it’s like, Chris, to everyday get to represent the United States,” she said. “That’s why I feel so strongly about every issue, from START to Afghanistan.” (START is a nuclear arms treaty that is facing an uphill battle in the Senate, where she previously served before a failed presidential campaign in 2008.)

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