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R. Crumb Opens Up

Portrait of R. Crumb by Christian Lessenich (CC)

Portrait of R. Crumb by Christian Lessenich (CC)

A new R. Crumb interview is a rare thing indeed. Enjoy his telephone conversation with Deborah Vankin of the LA Times, interspersed with background yells from his wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb:

DV: What comics are you reading these days?

RC: All I read anymore is investigative journalism. You name it. Scandalous political stuff, the pharmaceutical industry, all that crap. I’m fascinated by that stuff. There’s many heroic underappreciated investigative journalists. Celia Farber, Jon Stauber – “Toxic Sludge Is Good For You” is a great book. Naomi Klein – Jesus, I read her latest book and found that really impressive. “The Shock Doctrine.”

DV: “Genesis,” which was a success both critically and commercially, is behind you, what are you working on these days?

RC: Aline and I are working on a collaborative book together. It’s from WW Norton. Since “Genesis” sold well, they’re up for anything I’m involved in.

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Mr. Natural Papercraft Toy

papercraft-mr-naturalMr. Natural (Fred Natural) is a comic book character created and drawn by the 1960s counter culture and underground comix artist Robert Crumb. The character first appeared in the premiere issue of Yarrowstalks (the May 5, 1967 issue).

At first appearance, Mr. Natural is a mystic guru who spouts aphorisms on the evils of the modern world and the salvation to be found in mysticism and natural living. He has renounced the material world and lives off anything he can get in exchange for his nuggets of wisdom.

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