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How Timothy Leary Led The Way To Transhumanism With SMI2LE


Via KurzweilAI R.U. Sirius reveals Leary’s proto-transhumanist SMI2LE manifesto :

Leary may have been the first to signal a memeplex for the transhuman future — SMI2LE (Space Migration Intelligence Increase and Life Extension) — back in the mid-1970s. My new book, Timothy Leary’s Trip Thru Time, explores Leary’s life and philosophies, including his transhuman explorations.

Leary emerged from prison in 1976 as one of the advocates for advances in the human condition that would soon be called transhumanism. Leading transhumanists rarely acknowledge that Leary defined the movement with precision 38 years ago.

In fact, going back to 1974, about a year after Leary expressed, in his Starseed Transmission, his wild prison fantasy of taking 5,000 advanced mutants out to galaxy central, Gerard K. O’Neill, a physicist and professor at Princeton University released a paper claiming that human settlements could be built in space at Lagrange points — locations where a habitat could theoretically remain stable.

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How I Met Trent Reznor on Ecstasy at the Charles Manson murder house

Mondo 2000Imagine taking ecstasy at the site of the Charles Manson murders — with Timothy Leary — and then meeting Trent Reznor, Anthony Kiedas (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers. “With the ecstasy coming on, the entire L.A. media world started to seem like a serene and glittery playground filled with happy children playing grownup and I settled into a comfort zone. The world was a friendly place. Relatively speaking, of course.”

Until they saw a handwritten sign that said “COME IN HERE TO BE KILLED”….

The former editor of Mondo 2000 magazine remembers partying at the former Manson murder house in 1992. Behind the door, he reports, were “Seventeen Illuminati figures, including Marilyn Monroe, George H.W. Bush, David Bowie and The Penguin, all in black robes, huddled over Britney Spears, laying in the center of a Pentagram while Reznor raised his blade.

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From LSD To Cyberculture Legend

RU Sirius and Mondo 2000The legendary editor behind Mondo 2000 magazine reveals how LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and a high school underground newspaper all fermented into High Frontiers, Reality Hackers and eventually his famous cyberculture publication as part of the new “Mondo 2000 History Project”.

R.U. Sirius shares the introduction, where he remembers an avante-garde newspaper in college. (“We all have a roaring great time interviewing Timothy Leary… We’re all dazzled, feeling like the host of Planet Earth’s party had lifted the velvet rope and let us in.”) But he also describes how he came to edit the first “cyber culture” magazines (predating Wired) from 1984-1998, and announces a new “open source history project” – a collaboratively-edited electronic document with stories and perceptions from “All those who touched directly upon the history of the scene/magazine”.

At the age of 31, Sirius moves to Marin County with a California to-do list: “Start the Neopsychedelic Wave. Start a Neopsychedelic band.… Read the rest

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