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French MEP Rachida Dati Confuses Inflation With Oral Sex

France’s former Justice Minister was lost in translation during a recent news broadcast when she used the world ‘fellatio’ instead of ‘inflation.’ I can understand making a simple translation mistake, but when ‘inflation’ is the same in both English and French there’s no excuse. The Daily Mail reports:

Glamorous French politician Rachida Dati has been forced to issue a public apology after confusing oral sex with inflation.

The 44-year-old former justice minister and MEP is frequently nicknamed ‘Rachida Barbie’ because of her poor understanding of complicated political issues.

But nobody expected her extraordinary mistake on the national Europe 1 radio station on Sunday.

Asked about overseas investment funds profiteering during a period of economic uncertainty, she said:  ‘I see some of them looking for returns of 20 or 25 per cent, at a time when fellatio is almost non-existent.’

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