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The Israeli Scientist Slowly Poisoning Herself With Radiation To Save Us All From Nuclear Fallout

This is really dedication to your work! The Times of Israel reports on Brenda Laster, the retired Israeli scientist who’s poisoning herself to find a vaccine for nuclear radiation:

Hiroshima girl.jpg

A Japanese girl from Hiroshima presenting the effects of radiation sickness.

A retired professor living in the manicured desert town of Meitar believes she has discovered a potential vaccine that, taken in advance of a nuclear attack, would reduce the physiological damage from radiation.

Her theory is yet untested, but is built around the notion that humans can be vaccinated against radiation in the same way as a virus: introduce small amounts of it to “teach” the body how to respond when larger amounts are suddenly present.

Just as the reactive immune system “remembers, rapidly responds, and protects us” from, say, smallpox, once it has been initially introduced to the body in a small dose in vaccine form, so too will the signature damage of radiation, which triggers the unchecked secretion of hydrogen peroxide within the body, be picked up and addressed, said Professor Brenda Laster, who taught nuclear engineering as applied to medicine at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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White supremacist convicted in plot to kill Obama with ‘death ray’ device

ObamaKKK death ray devices?!? Read on via the Guardian:

A New York white supremacist was convicted by a federal jury on Friday of plotting to use a remote-controlled radiation device he called “Hiroshima on a light switch” to harm Muslims and President Barack Obama.

After less than three hours of deliberation in US district court in Albany, New York, the jury unanimously found Glendon Scott Crawford guilty of all three charges against him.

Crawford, 51, wearing a gray suit and eyeglasses, showed no emotion as judge Gary Sharpe read the verdict.

He was convicted of use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to build and use a radiological dispersal device. He was also convicted of distributing information with respect to a weapon of mass destruction.

“Glendon Scott Crawford was a terrorist who attempted to acquire a weapon of mass destruction and to use it to kill innocent members of the Muslim community,” said Richard Hartunian, US attorney for the northern district of New York.

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Cellphone Ordinance Puts Berkeley at Forefront of Radiation Debate

If you’ve seen the disinformation documentary Mobilize you’ll know that Berkeley, California, is at the forefront of the cellphone radiation debate. The New York Times reports on the new city ordinance requiring retailers to warn purchasers of cellphones about the health hazards of radiation from the phones:

BERKELEY, Calif. — Leave it to Berkeley: This city, which has led the nation in passing all manner of laws favored by the left, has done it again. This time, the city passed a measure — not actually backed by science — requiring cellphone stores to warn customers that the products could be hazardous to their health, presumably by emitting dangerous levels of cancer-causing radiation.

Brain Cell Phone Radiation Warning

Under the so-called Right to Know ordinance, passed unanimously in May by the Berkeley City Council, retailers are supposed to notify customers, starting in August, that “you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure” to radio frequency radiation by carrying a cellphone in a pants or shirt pocket, or tucked into a bra.

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Is your fear of radiation irrational?

John Jones (CC BY-ND 2.0)

John Jones (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Radioactivity stirs primal fears in many people, but Geoff Watts argues that an undue sense of its risks can cause real harm.

Listen to or download an audiobook of this story on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Bad Gastein in the Austrian Alps. It’s 10am on a Wednesday in early March, cold and snowy – but not in the entrance to the main gallery of what was once a gold mine. Togged out in swimming trunks, flip-flops and a bath robe, I have just squeezed into one of the carriages of a narrow-gauge railway that’s about to carry me 2 km into the heart of the Radhausberg mountain.

Fifteen minutes later we’re there and I’m ready to enjoy what the brochures insist will be a health-enhancing environment. Enjoyment, of course, is a subjective term. The temperature inside the mountain’s dimly lit tunnels is around 40°C, and the humidity is 100 per cent.… Read the rest

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Cell Phone Radiation Is Probably Cooking Your Brain and Balls (and What You Can Do About It)


Via Midwest Real

Kevin Kunze is the filmmaker behind Mobilize, an investigative documentary exploring the negative long-term health effects of cell phone radiation. The film examines recent scientific research, follows national legislative efforts, and exposes the influence that technology companies have on public health.


This is an unfortunate rabbit hole my friends, because I love me some technology. I’m constantly ranting about it, tweeting about it, or manipulating it in some manner. It’s certainly not lost on me that without it, this show and this site wouldn’t even exist in the first place. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that technology and the insatiable, uniquely human, desire to continually lift our circumstances is intimately intertwined with the destiny of mankind (if that’s a thing).

As Terence McKenna put it:

“Technology is the real skin of our species… We take in matter that has a low degree of organization; we put it through mental filters, and we extrude jewelry, gospels, space shuttles.

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Fukushima Seaborne Radiation Has Reached North American Shores

The official line is that the radioactive seawater from Fukushima is so weak as to be harmless; what do you think, disinfonauts? The Statesman Journal tells the tale:

Seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has reached North America.

Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution detected small amounts of cesium-134 and cesium-137 in a sample of seawater taken in February from a dock on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


It’s the first time radioactivity from the March 2011 triple meltdown has been identified on West Coast shores.

Woods Hole chemical oceanographer Ken Buesseler emphasized that the radiation is at very low levels that aren’t expected to harm human health or the environment.

“Even if the levels were twice as high, you could still swim in the ocean for six hours every day for a year and receive a dose more than a thousand times less than a single dental X-ray,” Buesseler said.

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“Mobilize” Q&A Video + Free Screenings in VA and VT

Disinformation’s Mobilize will be screening for free in Arlington, Virginia and Norwich, Vermont on January 30th. Special thanks to all of the non-profit sponsors who put together these events. More details and information about screenings can be found on the official Mobilize website.

Back in December, the San Francisco Public Library hosted a free screening of Mobilize. Above is a video of the Q&A with the filmmakers including: director Kevin Kunze, CABTA’s Ellie Marks, UC Berkeley’s Joel Moskowitz, and EHT’s Lloyd Morgan.

If you can’t make it to the Vermont or Virginia screenings, Mobilize is available as a download, stream (below video), or as a DVD. Visit the product page for more information.

Mobilize from TDC Entertainment on Vimeo.

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Allergic to Electricity

Louis Proud

Louis Proud

[disinfo ed.’s note: excerpted from Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: The Science of the Unexplainable by Louis Proud]

If, like me, you live in an urban environment, you’re bound to receive a high amount of exposure to EM radiation from sources too numerous to mention. Cities are grossly polluted with EM radiation, or “electrosmog,” and are becoming more polluted every year as our use of technology expands and technology itself becomes ever more sophisticated. If, on the other hand, you live in the country, it’s probable you receive a low to moderate amount of EM exposure. Some people choose to live in the country solely because they’re convinced that artificial EM fields make them acutely ill—a condition known as EM hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is commonly assumed to be psychosomatic in origin; though, as we’ll see in the latter-half of the chapter, much compelling evidence suggests otherwise.

Smart meter health problems

Itron OpenWay Electricity Meter with Two-Way Communications

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself “hypersensitive” to EM fields, I have reason to believe that during one period in my life I suffered ill effects from long-term exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation.… Read the rest

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Fukushima: Bad and Getting Worse

Japan Nuclear power plants map.gif

Our contributor Kowality Jesus (we don’t know his or her real name, s/he’s truly independent of disinformation) stirred up not a little controversy with the post Fukushima’s Real Threat: Undue Fear. As a counterweight, consider this Counterpunch post by Nukewatch’s John LaForge to be a rebuttal:

There is broad disagreement over the amounts and effects of radiation exposure due to the triple reactor meltdowns after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami. The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) joined the controversy June 4, with a 27-page “Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report ‘Levels and effects of radiation exposures due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami.’”

IPPNW is the Nobel Peace Prize winning global federation of doctors working for “a healthier, safer and more peaceful world.” The group has adopted a highly critical view of nuclear power because as it says, “A world without nuclear weapons will only be possible if we also phase out nuclear energy.”

UNSCEAR, the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, published its deeply flawed report April 2.

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