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Soundtrack of My Life: Rage Against the Machine

From Nick Pell at Red Star TimesRage Against The Machine Evil Empire

When I was about 15 or 16 years old, few things were more difficult than getting me to listen to, never mind enjoy, a mainstream alternative rock radio single. Having said that, you should get some impression of just how special “Bulls on Parade” is. Not only did I enjoy the song, but I went out and bought a (*gasp*) major label record.

Over the years, RATM have never been one of my favorite bands. I’ve never owned a shirt and I go very long periods of time without ever listening to them. Still, as I grow older I have more respect for them as a band both musically and politically.

In a world of milquetoast pop punk bands shilling for the Democratic Party or irritating aging punks giving “left” counsel to President Obama on how to be a better imperialist, RATM have intelligence, principles and balls.… Read the rest

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