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The Christian Nightmares Tribulation Band — I Wish We’d All Been Ready

A cover of the haunting apocalyptic rapture song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready,” originally written and released by Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman in 1969 and used as the theme song for the 1972 end times film, A Thief in the Night. Cover version produced by Christian Nightmares and featuring members of Sebadoh, White Hills, The Psychic Paramount, and more.

h/t Christian Nightmares. Follow ’em on Twitter.

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The Rapture To Arrive (Again) October 21

alg_harold-camping-roomRemember five months ago when the world almost came to an end, but then God granted us a last-minute reprieve? Tomorrow, we’re going to do it all over again. Get out the signs, air horns, and foam fingers! From Beliefnet:

This time the end of the world will be real, says 90-year-old California radio mogul Harold Camping — October 21, so be ready.
But he doesn’t sound quite so confident this time. He suffered a stroke shortly after his most recent false alarm — May 21. He’s been in a nursing home. But now, he’s proclaiming new warning.

Absent this time are his trusting disciples who traveled across America last spring proclaiming his urgent warning — the Rapture would occur May 21, so be ready when Gabriel’s horn sounds, the sky rolls away and Jesus arrives to judge the living and the dead.

Of course, May 21 came and went — despite millions of dollars of billboards and bus-bench signs and rental trucks festooned with his urgent message, all underwritten by donations.

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Rapture Moved To October 21st

24doomsday1_span-popupAt this point, doesn’t it seem as if he is trying to run out the clock by repeatedly pushing back the doomsday date in the hopes of dying before he has to face responsibility for being a crappy predictor? The New York Times reports:

Here we go again. A California religious radio impresario who predicted — wrongly — that the end of the world would begin on May 21 revised his prophesy on Monday, saying now that the end is due in October.

In a rambling, 90-minute speech, broadcast both online and on his stations, Harold Camping, whose Family Radio network paid millions of dollars to promote his prediction, said that he was stunned when the rapture did not happen on Saturday.

What he decided, apparently, was that May 21 had been “an invisible judgment day,” of the spiritual variety, rather than his original vision of earthquakes and other disasters leading to five months of hell on earth, culminating in a spectacular doomsday on Oct.

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