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What’s Your Favorite Film or Documentary About Conspiracy Theories (And Facts)?

Disinformation's Raymond Wiley started this conversation over on Disinfo's Facebook Wall and a great question for disinfo.com readers to address (if you haven't already). I See AllI'm partial to Oliver Stone's filmmaking ... and I can't wait for his Wall Street sequel later this year. Here's a bit of JFK that is about the power of questioning established truth, regardless of how entrenched that "truth" might be. I'll let the film speak for itself and do share your favorite films or film moments:
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Disinformation’s Raymond Wiley Talks About the Georgia Guidestones on Panopticon

Panopticon — Episode 3: The Georgia Guidestones with Raymond Wiley

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In this episode, Panopticon speaks with our esteemed guest, Raymond Wiley of Disinformation, about the Georgia Guidestones: a mysterious, granite monument in northeastern Georgia.

Some think the Georgia Guidestones are a sort of ten commandments of the New World Order, and some think they’re a means of navigating a post apocalyptic world.

What do you think? Super fun and super informative!

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Raymond Wiley on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays – Episode 8: Raymond Wiley

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Raymond Wiley

Raymond Wiley received his undergraduate degree in history from the University of Georgia in 2008. From 2005 to 2008, he worked at WUOG 90.5 FM, the university’s 26,000 watt FM radio station, gaining experience first as a talk show host, producer, and DJ. Later he had the honor of serving as the station’s public affairs director and finally as its general manager. When he’s not producing the Disinformation Podcasts or appearing as a guest on other shows to talk about occult and conspiracy related topics, he serves as promotions director for the Disinformation Company. His interest in the occult, religion, hidden history, and conspiracy goes back more than two decades.We had a great time talking with Ray about his work at the Disinformation Company and about both his favorite issues and what he won’t talk about.… Read the rest

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Bigfoot Threw a Rock at My Face: Eerie Radio Interviews Disinformation Podcast Hosts Joe McFall and Raymond Wiley

Bigfoot Threw a Rock at My Face – Eerie Radio: Episode 143

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In this episode we speak with Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall about Jesus, Rocks, and Bigfoot.  Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall are the former co-hosts of Out There Radio, a 50-episode podcast of interviews and discussions covering topics related to the occult, conspiracy theory and the paranormal.

Raymond and Joe have been in podcasting since 2005, having started Out There Radio shortly after they met and realized their shared interest in fringe topics.  The are currently the hosts of Disinformation: The Podcast and Disinformation World News.

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Occult America with Mitch Horowitz

After a pretty lengthy break from the world of podcasting, Ken Eakins (Sitting Now) and Raymond Wiley (disinformation) return with a real 90 minute treat! This weeks guest, Mitch Horowitz, is the author of the excellent new book Occult America: How Mysticism Shaped our Nation. Mitch has held a lifelong interest in the Occult and Supernatural, and after pursuing the subject for as long, naturally, became the editor of one of the largest publishers of Occult and Supernatural works Tarcher/Penguin. In this weeks episodes we discuss: Freemasons, Mesmirism, Theosophy, Astrology and the dark side of American occultism...
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