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Shitty Jobs, Scarface, Dick Cheney, Fate and the Inconvenient Truth about Karma

vivek jena CC By 2.0)

vivek jena (CC By 2.0)

It’s late Sunday evening, now. The nights are long this time of year and it’s cold out. It’s the season of icy windows that crack when the heater kicks on at two in the morning. When you’re reminded of how nice it is to have another warm body next to you under the comforter, so that you can rub feet together and purr in frigid pleasure.

I should go to bed. Tomorrow is Monday, obviously, and I begin a new week of work. Mornings have an annoying tendency to come early, especially when you’re not particularly enchanted with your given line of work. But to go to bed would be an act of acquiescence—or, at least it feels like one. Even though I know it’s nonsense, it almost feels that the longer I stay awake, the longer I can put off the impending doom of another goddamned Monday morning.… Read the rest

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All Is Reflection – ۩

A unique and personal short book on psychedelics, lucid dreaming, shared experiences, hyperspace, poetry, consciousness, and other facets of reality, created by an innovative and respected explorer from the DMT-Nexus known as: house.



by ۩


1,000 thanks to

Nobuoni (for the timeless three words that make up the title of this



The Traveler



Withinity you will find a sequence of symbols assembled from the memory of a human partition that was me.

I write this from the brink of the scaffolding. A time when mainstream scientific technology was just not enough. The unknown loomed not just overhead, but we sucked it up and spit it out like black holes–seemingly dilating time with our fun, and our boredom.

I seek to understand at least a tiny portion of the possibilities that are beckoning us, and because of this, a series of experiences have occurred in my life that not only hint, but reveal abstract functions of consciousness.

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