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I Experienced Complete and Utter Harmonization of the Third Eyeball With Author and Disinfonaut, Gabriel D. Roberts.

Author, fellow Disinfonaut and great beard-haver, Gabriel D. Roberts.

Author, fellow Disinfonaut and great beard-haver, Gabriel D. Roberts.

An exerpt from my interview with Author, fellow Disinfonaut and amazing beard-haver, Gabriel D. Roberts:

“… Let’s be honest, there’s a lot to hate, especially from fundamentalist perspectives… It’s hard to break out of it and once you do, you violently oppose it because you recognize that you were under a spell… I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know where to go and directly from there, I went into a drug binge in which I was trying to bury my feelings… But, what I’ve found is whatever you want to call ‘God’ it’s much bigger than the things that are in these little books…”

You know those beautiful and rare occasions where you speak to someone for the first time and find that your personal philosophies seem to line up almost completely?  For me, Author and fellow Disinformation contributor Gabriel D.Read the rest

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Remote Viewing the Future: An Interview with Chris Cheveyo of Rose Windows

2013_Rose-Windows_Sun-DogsOne of the most peculiar things about living in Seattle at the moment is the fact that there are not one, but two ridiculously over-the-top psych rock divas here. I mean, what are the freaking odds? Of course, I’ve probably written about Midday Veil to the point of complete overkill by now, but you know, they continue to do weird shit that amazes me, so until that stops, I’ll keep up with it.

What I haven’t mentioned is the oneiric excellence of their smoky contemporaries Rose Windows. The reason for that probably has to do with the fact that it took several years to congeal their debut album, The Sun Dogs, into existence. Although the band initially blew me away live due largely to the sheer concussive force of vocalist Rabia Qazi, it wasn’t until the disc dropped in June (on Sub Pop Records no less) that I truly processed the depth of songwriting and lyrical complexity going down in that camp.… Read the rest

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DisinfoCast: 58: Russell Targ, ‘The Reality of ESP’

reality of esp

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Famed Remote Viewing researcher and physicist Russell Targ joins us to talk about his new book The Reality of ESP. Along the way we discuss non-local consciousness, the Army and CIA psychic spy program that Targ managed, and whether it’s fair to ask a remote viewer how many fingers you’re holding behind your back.

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Remote Viewing Pioneer Russell Targ Describes The Origins Of ESP Powers

Russell Targ describes his jaw-dropping psychic missions for the CIA and the origins of extrasensory remote viewing, which he claims is "a natural psychic ability we all have…it was described originally by the Buddhists two thousands years ago, but modern physics has finally caught on":
Russell Targ is a physicist who was a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and was co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute’s (SRI) investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. His work with SRI in what was a new area, called remote viewing, has been widely published. In 1976, Targ retired from Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Co. as a senior staff scientist. This talk was on April 14, 2013, at the Vortex Immersion Dome, in Los Angeles. Conceived under a TEDx license, it ultimately was presented under the auspice of Suzanne Taylor's Mighty Companions non-profit foundation.
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Lebron James Will be Better Than Michael Jordan…at Life! Take the Ride Disinfonauts, Your Psychic Sports Tribute to Ingo Swann Starts…Right Now!

You know how I know I’m not very smart? I might be able to convince myself I’m excessively clever at times, in various states of divine intoxication, but I always come back to earth. At the end of the day, my poetic super-mind basically goes blank the second a cute girl walks by or someone throws on a basketball game. All of a sudden I’m a drooling animal. Total right brain switch off. Some refer to this primal aspect lurking within ourselves as the reptilian mind. Should be noted that I also smoke a ton of pot and that’s a positive aspect of pot smoking I don’t hear too many people talk up. When you’re high a lot, you do a lot of hilariously stupid shit, which is good for your psychology because you start to find it impossible to look at yourself in too serious a light. This is good for everyone.… Read the rest

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Remote Viewing Pioneer Ingo Swann Dies

After serving in the Korean War, working at United Nations, and establishing a career as an artist, Ingo Swann devoted himself to cultivating super-sensory powers and attempting to prove their legitimacy. Remote Viewing instructional Services writes:

Born in 1933, during the 1950s and 1960s, because of psychic potentials partly evident in childhood, Swann became actively interested in occult and parapsychological literature and in a variety of novel mind-development programs for the enhancement of ESP potentials.

Swann’s participation in parapsychology research began in 1969. During the next twenty years he worked only in controlled laboratory settings with scientific researchers. Because of his participation in hundreds of thousands of experimental trials, author Martin Ebon wrote of him as “parapsychology’s most tested guinea pig.”

In 1970-71 Swann experimented with Cleve Backster in attempting to influence plants by mental activity. In 1971-72 psychokinetic experiments involved successfully influencing temperature recorded in a controlled setting.

Swann was also the subject of experiments in out-of-body travel, or psychic perception at a distance.

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Open Questions and the Reality of ESP

It’s an obvious question, but one not often asked, how does parapsychological research offend the evolutionist or materialist mindset?  Certainly bold statements are made, but where is the real area of offense. One of the critiques most often leveled at research into anomalous perception centers around the idea that researchers in this area of experience posit some sort of supernatural origin for these phenomena. However, if you read what many of the top researchers relate, there’s nothing supernatural about psi.

Russell Targ, one of the founders of the SRI Remote Viewing program, in his most recent book The Reality of ESP, states very plainly:

“I do not believe that ESP has metaphysical origins. I believe that is is just a kind of ability we strengthen by expanding our awareness to think nonlocally. It will become less mysterious as more of us become more skillful.”

The excitment of parapsychological research is the challenge of coming into the next phase of our understanding the world around us.… Read the rest

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The High Cost of Remote Viewing

What would you pay to be able to see the unseeable? Or, to be more accurate, what would you pay to POSSIBLY be able to see the unseeable?

People have been seeking the consultation of psychics, fortune-tellers, soothsayers, and clairvoyants since the beginning of civilization.  It was customary for kings to have a psychic available at all times for advice on various issues, and the local priest often acted as a seer for their flock.  Astrology is a science (or pseudoscience, depending on one’s perspective) that dates back to antiquity.

According to a market research report from IBISWorld, it was estimated that the Psychic Services Industry took in $2.1 billion in revenue in 2012, with millions of people still calling “900” numbers for advice and accessing psychics online, and many others seeking in-person readings from brick and mortar psychics.

But, what if instead of having to rely on a psychic, one could be their own psychic?  … Read the rest

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Remote Viewing Institute Issues Grave Call to Mainstream Science

Emory Mort reports for Reality Sandwich:

The Farsight Institute, a non-profit organization focused on the scientific application of remote viewing, recently released a challenge to mainstream science: organize a tightly controlled, publicly viewable scientific display of the phenomenon of remote viewing in return for mainstream recognition of the validity of the phenomenon itself. And do it in the narrowing window of a vanishing 2012 timescape.

Dr. Courtney Brown, an Atlanta-based professor who directs the Institute, has spearheaded the development of a novel Prometheus Protocol for conducting scientific Remote Viewing experiments. He uses multiple world-class, military-grade remote viewers in sophisticated ways that are able to be, and have been, followed and verified by the public. Brown is urgently requesting the attention of the mainstream science community, which lags behind the findings of some pioneering exploratory scientists…

[continues at Reality Sandwich]

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