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The Psychology of Revenge: Biology, Evolution and Culture

Murder of Agamemnon

“Revenge is a dish best served cold…”
(Ancient Klingon Proverb)

This post originally appeared on Philosophical Disquisitions

When I was younger I longed for revenge. I remember school-companions doing unspeakably cruel things to me — stealing my lunch, laughing at my misfortune and so forth (hey, it all seemed cruel at the time). I would carefully plot my revenge. The revenge almost always consisted of performing some similarly unspeakably cruel act towards them. Occasionally, my thoughts turned to violence. Sometimes I even lashed out in response.

I’m less inclined towards revenge these days. Indeed, I am almost comically non-confrontational in all aspects of my life. But I still feel the pangs. When wronged, I’ll briefly get a bit hot under the collar and my thoughts will turn to violence once more. I’ll also empathise with the characters in the innumerable revenge narratives that permeate popular culture, willing them on and feeling a faint twinge of pleasure when they succeed.… Read the rest

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Fear and Anger on Saturday Nights: What America’s Gun Fetish Probably says about our Collective State of Mind


The Republic of Chad.


Ah, Saturday nights. The refuge of the gods. For me there’s nothing quite like them. Don’t get it twisted, I’m a family man, so I don’t party. I don’t stay out late. I don’t drink much. I just enjoy the fuck out of the fact that THERE’S NOTHING GOING ON. Literally. Nothing matters because tomorrow’s Sunday and there’s no impending doom hanging over the day. It’s literally pure freedom. Not like Friday evenings, which have to be “earned” with work earlier in the day, or Sundays, whose bountiful charms are always tempered or suppressed by the imminent, grim phantom, not just of Monday mornings, but of the glum workweek as a whole, which hovers like a fart all over the entire scene. (Jesus—talk about mixing metaphors…) But Saturdays, on those most charitable of evenings, I can watch a movie. I can sleep. I can make a big dinner.… Read the rest

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Former ‘Best Mom’ Schemed To Have Woman Raped After Losing Bid On Dream Home

PIC: David Smith (CC)

PIC: David Smith (CC)

A woman recognized in 2006 by Time-Warner as one of San Diego’s “50 Best Moms” has a dark side. After losing a bid on what was described as her “dream home”, 52 year-old Kathy Rowe began embarked on a campaign of revenge against the couple who won. Rowe started with minor, annoying pranks like signing the couple up for visits from religious groups, and then escalated into criminal behavior. Rowe came to the attention of the authorities after it was discovered that she had posted ads online in the wife’s name that stated she had a rape fantasy that she wanted to be fulfilled.

The ads encouraged men who were interested to force their way into the home and rape her, and noted that they should ignore her pleas to stop. The ads were accompanied by the woman’s photo and address, and Rowe had very explicit conversations with the men who responded.… Read the rest

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California Outlaws “Revenge Porn”

revenge pornAs reported by CNET News:
Tempted to post a compromising photo of an ex-lover who spurned you? A bill signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday promises up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for people "convicted of illegally distributing private images with the intent to harass or annoy." Sponsored by Sen. Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres), Senate Bill 255 goes into effect immediately and makes posting "revenge porn" a misdemeanor. Such private photos are posted online, sometimes at multiple sites, without the subject's knowledge or consent. Some sites that specialize in revenge porn photos charge the victim hefty fees to remove them.
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What’s Up With Hunter Moore?

A certain segment of the tech crowd is aghast at the prospect of the return of Hunter Moore to the so-called “revenge porn” segment of the web. A breathless story by Jessica Roy in the New York Observer makes him out to be a modern day Antichrist of the Internet, but I can’t help feeling as though Moore is punking the Observer and its outraged readers – any insight from the disinfoverse?

…Mr. Moore is the proprietor of Is Anyone Up, which until last Spring was the web’s most prominent revenge porn hub, a site where spurned exes post embarrassing images of former lovers. Deemed The Most Hated Man on the Internet by Rolling Stone, Mr. Moore revels in his position as a professional antagonist, gleefully flinging around his favored retort—“I really don’t give a fuck.” He doesn’t sleep well at night, but not because his day job haunts him: he’s an insomniac.

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