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Save Reverend Billy (From JP Morgan & The U.S. Government)

Reverend Billy. Photo: David Shankbone (CC)

Reverend Billy. Photo: David Shankbone (CC)

Every New Yorker’s favorite evangelical preacher, the Reverend Billy Talen (of the Church of Stop Shopping) is facing a year in prison for protesting against JP Morgan’s financing of fossil fuels, reports Democracy Now:

For more than a decade, Reverend Billy, along with his Church of Stop Shopping, has preached fiery sermons against recreational consumerism — and more recently, against climate disaster. You can often find them greeting the crush of shoppers at Macy’s in New York City on Black Friday. That may not be the case this year. That is because in September, Rev. Billy was arrested after staging a 15-minute musical protest at a JPMorgan Chase bank in Manhattan to highlight the bank’s environmental record and the extinction of a Central American golden toad. He now faces a year in prison for misdemeanor charges of riot in the second degree, menacing in the third degree, unlawful assembly and two counts of disorderly conduct.

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Rev. Billy Talen Arrested After Placing ‘Holy Hex’ On JPMorgan Chase on Easter Sunday

Rev. Billy Hexes JPMorgan Chase

Rev. Billy & the Mountaintop Gospel Choir bring the mountains back to a Chase bank in the East Village, NYC.

Adam Klasfeld writes on the Courthouse News Service:

The self-ordained Rev. Billy Talen was arrested on Easter Sunday after putting a “holy hex” on JPMorgan Chase bank, which he calls the nation’s largest financier of coal-mining mountaintop removal.

The former New York City mayoral candidate and his green-robed chorus put the hex on two bank branches, saying Morgan Chase has helped destroy more than 450 Appalachian mountains, deforested 800 square miles and polluted more than 1,200 miles of streams.

Rev. Billy led his Life After Shopping Gospel Choir to two East Village Chase branches, where the singers “deposited” mounds of “sacred dirt from Coal River Mountain, West Virginia” on the floors of ATM lobbies.

At the branch on St. Marks Place and 2nd Avenue, the choir performed a “mystery channeling of money” as bank customers withdrew money, and the reverend/performance artist preached to a crowd through a white megaphone.

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Reverend Billy Is Glad He Ran (And I’m glad I voted for him)

In local politics, as well as national, we needs third party voices to be heard. Now more than ever.

via Rev Billy for Mayor

November 3, 2009
I feel closer to solving the riddle of activism in 2009. We’ve known how conservative the Democrat/Working Families and the Republican/Independence Parties are. It’s Coke and Pepsi, it’s McDonalds and Burger King. The two party system enforces a strict censorship. We had to experience first-hand the harsh silence of it.

The hundreds upon hundreds of articles in the New York Times that never mention a third party… we had to experience this first-hand. It goes hand in hand with the arresting of people in small groups, such as peace vigils in the parks, surrounded by police and surveillance. The criminalizing of dissent goes hand in hand with the $50 million built environment of electronic ads. The imitation of democracy continues on our televisions and computers, but you can’t practice it yourself in public space…

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