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‘The Unbookables’ and the Dark, Not Entirely Pleasant Side of Touring Comics

Elise Czajkowski of SplitSider.com reviews The Unbookables

There are two things to know when watching the The Unbookables: this is a look at a side of the comedy world that’s not often shown, and it’s not going to be particularly pleasant.

The Unbookables Tour is the punk rock version of a comedy tour, founded by Doug Stanhope (an executive producer on the film). The documentary follows the current lineup of James Inman, Andy Andrist, Sean Rouse, Brendon Walsh, Norm Wilkerson, Travis Lipski, Brett Erickson and Kristine Levine on a van tour of Texas, Kansas, and Illinois.

The shows are bad, the lifestyle is crazy, and the comics aren’t particularly sympathetic. Watching the film the first time, my notes include the phrase “unequivocally terrible human beings.”

If there’s a somewhat accidental protagonist of the story, it’s Inman. At the beginning of the film, he’s stealing hydrocodone from a gout-ridden one-night stand.

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A Review of ‘Hidden Wisdom’

From Nick Pell at Red Star Times.

When I first got a package from Disinfo in the mail I was excited. What would be inside? I had spoken to someone over there about reviewing a book. Excitement then turned to dismay. Oh great, a book about the occult.

However, I am glad to say that my prejudice against the book was totally unfounded. Hidden Wisdom: Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition was not only a good read, but it was an informative, balanced account of European spirituality, going far beyond the bounds of “occultism.” The book is, however, marred by a number of limitations stemming from the author’s failure to fully embrace a materialist view of reality.

Tim Wallace-Murphy begins at the furthest reaches of human civilization, back in a time that few even know about. Early on in the book, he establishes that he is no New Age quack.… Read the rest

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