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Rare, Unedited Interview with a Coked-Up Richard Pryor

Via Death by Films

Riveting and, at times, hilariously funny, some rare footage has surfaced of an interview with Richard Pryor on the set of 1980’s Stir Crazy.

Recorded during a lunch-break, Pryor goes off on a tangent and is quite clearly high as a kite. The first minute or two are a little slow, but keep watching as Pryor is hilariously honest throughout. The video is unedited raw footage and is full of expletives, so you have been warned…

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Vote None of the Above!

Brewster's MillionsI've always wondered since I saw Richard Pryor in the underrated '80s comedy classic, Brewster's Millions, why voting for no one on the ballot isn't a viable option in U.S. elections. Well, turns out that the state of Nevada has this option, so it will be interesting to see the outcome there given the strong disapproval ratings for both Harry Reid and the ethnically-confused Sharron Angle. For more thoughts on having an "against" option in your vote, check out this "Radical Reboot" article from Mickey Kaus on Slate.
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