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Rick Veitch’s ‘The Big Lie’ 9/11 Truth Comic (Interview)

Via We Are Change Atlanta:

As we approach the 10th anniversary of  the September 11th attacks, there still exists an almost complete blackout in mainstream media of the voluminous forensic evidence that demands an immediate and independent new investigation of that fateful day.

Enter The Big Lie a new comic book dealing with the September 11th attacks from the vantage point of a time traveller who has returned on 9/11 to try to warn her husband and avert the catastrophe. We here at We Are Change Atlanta were fortunate enough to be granted an interview with one of the creators, Rick Veitch, who  partnering with other concerned artivists at Truth Be Told Comics promise to continue to ask the big questions and tackle more of the ‘The Big Lies’ of our time with their graphic novels.

We Are Change Atlanta (WACA): First of all I would like to say having read The Big Lie that you have done a great service to our country and to the memory of all the lives lost because of 9/11 by creating this work.

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