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John Avlon: The Birthers Began on the Left

PUMAJohn Avlon writes on the Daily Beast:

The Birthers were back in force at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

The high-profile resurgence of the Birther claims on cable television provoked much self-satisfaction from liberals as the latest evidence of the influence of wingnuts on conservative politics.

But there’s an inconvenient truth liberals are going to have to confront: The Birthers began not on the right, but on the left.

Investigations for my new book, Wingnuts, revealed that the Birther conspiracy theory was first concocted by renegade members of the original Obama haters, Party Unity My Ass, known more commonly by their acronym, the PUMAs. They were a splinter group of hard-core Hillary Clinton supporters who did not want to give up the ghost after the bitter 50-state Bataan Death March to the 2008 Democratic nomination.

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Chuck Norris Hunts for Obama’s ‘Secret Vault’ With An Interpol Conspiracy Theory

First Obama wants to kill Baby Jesus with his health care plan, now Chuck says the president’s coming after YOU with the help of some European cops. Maybe he’s been secretly testing out scripts for a return to the big screen…

Michael Isikoff writes on Newsweek’s Declassified:

The conspiracy theories about President Obama’s executive order on Interpol are getting wilder by the day.

Invoking no less an authority than Glenn Beck, movie tough guy (and political activist) Chuck Norris has taken aim at Obama’s Dec. 17 executive order extending certain “privileges, exemptions, and immunities” to Interpol, otherwise known as the International Police Organization, based in Lyon, France.

As we reported last weekend, thanks in part to the comments of Beck and Newt Gingrich (as well as the National Review‘s Andrew McCarthy) the order has spawned a rash of conspiracy theories in the conservative blogosphere claiming that Obama has given Interpol (or “the global police force,” as the critics like to call it) new powers to investigate and even lock up U.S.

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Is the Secret Service Targeting the Birthers?

Birther BillboardStephanie Mencimer writes in Mother Jones:
Over the past year, Secret Service agents charged with protecting President Obama seem to have taken a keen interest in the Birther movement, the committed group of anti-Obama activists around the country who claim the president was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and is thus ineligible to serve. The idea has been widely and repeatedly debunked (see FactCheck.org's thorough takedown), but that hasn't stopped Birthers from doggedly making their case in American courtrooms, to US attorneys, and even to a rural county grand jury, in the hopes that a judge will rule in their favor and Obama might eventually be removed from office. Those efforts have failed spectacularly, but they seem to have succeeded in placing the Birthers on the radar of the Secret Service. At least a half-dozen prominent anti-Obama activists who've petitioned various federal agencies or courts to investigate the president's citizenship or publicly questioned his eligibility to serve say they've been visited by Secret Service or Homeland Security agents....
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Chuck Norris: Public Health Care Would Have Killed Baby Jesus

ChuckNorrisDaniel Tencer writes on RAW Story:
'Will Obamacare morph into Herodcare for the unborn?' Hollywood star asks Movie star and Mike Huckabee booster Chuck Norris has dragged the "War on Christmas" into the health care debate. Norris has penned an article in which he suggests that Jesus Christ would have been among many "great souls" who would have been "erased from history" had a health plan similar to the one proposed by the Democrats existed in the Levant 2,000 years ago. In a column published at the conservative Human Events blog earlier this week, Norris suggested that if a government-run health care plan had existed in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth, the shame of Mary's "out-of-wedlock" pregnancy would have pushed her into aborting her child.
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The Right Finds A New Champion In Lt Col Allen West

Is he the Right-Wing's answer to Obama? Yes, according to The Inquisitr:
Change we can believe in? The American right has found a new champion in the form of retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. Appearing in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Lt. Col. Allen West argues the case against Obama like few have done before him: he is articulate, well spoken, oh, and for good measure he’s African American as well. West ran for Congress in Florida in 2008 and failed, but he’s going for another shot in 2010. Some parts of the US right are also suggesting he could be Presidential material as well. Whether you agree with his views or not, there’s very little argument on the fact that he is a highly articulate, and able spokesman for the GOP. The Hannity interview as follows:
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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan

Before all you loyal disinfo.com visitors get all up in arms about my posting this, please remember that our goal from the time of our founding in 1996 was always to expose multiple points of view on any given issue, and more than anything to highlight media bias. It’s no secret that Fox News Channel has a very conservative tilt, thoroughly exposed by Robert Greenwald in Outfoxed, so take this opinion piece by FNC’s Bradley Blakeman for what it is: an attempt to cast President Obama as an Orwellian Socialist:

The Obama administration seeks to empower a very powerful government agency you have probably never heard of with new and expanded powers that will have a direct consequence on every American if they are successful in their efforts to implement national health care reforms.

The Obama White House is also drunk with power and is seeking to expand the powers of government agencies to oversee and act out to affect Americans in ways that this country has never seen before.

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Marty Beckerman is the Greatest Writer in the History of Literature?!?

For this Friday, December 11th we’d like to share the joy of Marty Beckerman, who was recently praised by talking head extraordinaire Andrew Sullivan for no less feat than, thinking.

So we’re going to give away copies of Marty Beckerman’s Dumbocracy: Adventures with the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots to 25 people (or more) who tweet the following on Friday, December 11th:

DUMBOCRACY author @martybeckerman is the greatest writer in the history of literature?!? @disinfo #martybeckerman http://bit.ly/8QZ6N3

Just to know what you’re getting into, below is an excerpt of Dumbocracy. The more you tweet the above phrase this Friday actually will increase your chance of mindmelding with Marty Beckerman himself.

So spread the joy of Marty over Twitter on Friday, we will be watching…

Still not convinced? Check out MartyBeckerman.com and Marty’s musings on the Daily Beast.

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Conservatives Rewriting ‘Liberal’ Bible

It’s not an Onion headline, folks. Mary Papenfuss writes on Newser:

Even the Bible isn’t conservative enough for some conservatives. The mysterious “Conservative Bible Project” aims to bring the holy book back to its right-wing “roots” by routing out muddy translation and liberal “bias.” That includes no more “gender inclusive” terms that “emasculate” Christianity and rethinking liberal words like “comrade” and “peace.” Economic parables should be clarified to be “free market” lessons, and hell presented as scary as ever and not “downplayed,” states the conservapedia.com site.

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Bill Clinton Asserts The ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ Is Now Targeting Obama

I kid you not, here it is reported by the AP

WASHINGTON — Bill Clinton says a vast, right-wing conspiracy that once targeted him is now focusing on President Barack Obama.

The ex-president made the comment in a television interview when he was asked about one of the signature moments of the Monica Lewinsky affair over a decade ago. Back then, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton used the term “vast, right-wing conspiracy” to describe how her husband’s political enemies were out to destroy his presidency.

Bill Clinton was asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether the conspiracy is still there. He replied: “You bet. Sure it is. It’s not as strong as it was because America has changed demographically. But it’s as virulent as it was.”

Clinton said that this time around, the focus is on Obama and “their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail.”

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