Passengers, I have a confession to make… Until a few weeks ago, I’d been living a double life here in San Francisco. A secret life that I have kept from you, and…

imagesBe careful whom you talk to in the city streets, because something like this could happen. Anti-hypnosis sunglasses may be worn as a preventative measure. 93.9 MIA reports:

Boston’s Chinatown has been on edge since a 57-year-old woman claimed three women used hypnosis to get her to fork over $160,000 in life savings, police say.

The victim was food shopping April 15 when the women tapped her on the shoulder and began asking her questions. The victim says one of the suspects spoke and her henchwomen handed her a plastic bag. She was told to go home and meet them several hours later on Boston Common.

The victim filled the bag with a necklace, a jade bracelet, two gold rings, her passport and $160,000 in cash. She then went to the meeting spot and handed over the fortune. The incident has Chinatown on alert, with two similar shakedowns reported since then.

JesusPowersIn all fairness to the Good Lord’s superpowers, this convert to Christ did go on to rob another store the same day. I wonder how he’d hold up against Darth Vader, who recently robbed a bank in Long Island. Via the AP:

Authorities in South Florida have charged the man they say backed out of robbing a MetroPCS store after an employee spoke with him about Jesus. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said Friday that 37-year-old Israel Camacho of Coral Springs later committed an armed robbery caught on surveillance video at a Payless ShoeSource.

Investigators say Camacho entered a Metro PCS store in Pompano Beach last Friday, chatting with an employee and then displaying a gun and demanding cash from the register. The employee, Nayara Goncalves, spoke with Camacho about church and God and eventually convinced him not to hurt her.

Authorities say he robbed the Payless ShoeSource a few hours later. He has been charged with armed robbery and attempted armed robbery.

Darth Vader Opens Wall StreetHeadlines like “U.S. to sell entire stake in Citi at hefty profit” are complete BS. Dylan Ratigan explains in the first part of this clip below how we, the taxpayers, gave a total of $23.7 trillion to these banksters. $8.8 billion hardly makes a dent.

The greatest transfer (“theft”) of wealth to bankers in the history of the world has happened, and the beneficiaries are in the heart of Manhattan. It’s great for those folks, but has damaged the lives of many people living outside of that city across the country…

J. Jonah Jameson: Is Spider-Man A Criminal?Charlie Jane Anders asks the tough question on Was J. Jonah Jameson right all along?

Yesterday, a weirdly polite criminal dressed in a Spider-Man mask and armed with a screwdriver robbed a video store near Sydney, Australia. This is just the latest in a long string of Spidey-masked crimes around the world. What gives?

No criminals ever put on Batman’s cowl before going out on a crime spree — maybe because it doesn’t cover their full faces, or maybe because they are cowardly and superstitious. We did news searches for all the major superheroes, plus things like “Klingon” and “Stormtrooper,” and no dice. When evildoers want to seem like a threat or a menace, they don a Spidey mask. Could J. Jonah Jameson have been right all along?

Consider the evidence on Here’s just one example from Chattanooga, Tennessee:

Thanks to reader Steve Elliott for the news tip! Steve Elliott writes on Toke of the Town:

If you plan on stealing James Tillman’s marijuana, you’re going to need more than three guys. ​They’re not going to get James Tillman’s weed.

Tillman, 67, on Sunday shot and wounded one of three burglars who broke into his Sacramento, California home to steal his medical marijuana, reports Elyce Kirchner of

The other two fled and haven’t been seen since. Mr. Tillman was definitely having none of their nonsense. After all, his grandkids were at home.

Banknotes is a fascinating collection of the actual notes and security camera images used during unarmed robberies. There seems to be a strange correlation of polite language and unsuccessful attempts. Crime pays,…