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New Species Found On Easter Island

The new insect. Photo: Jut Wynne, Northern Arizona University

The new insect. Photo: Jut Wynne, Northern Arizona University

Last year disinformation undertook an investigative expedition to Easter Island with geologist Dr. Robert Schoch, of MIT. You can review Robert’s initial findings here (includes video). One of the focuses of the expedition was exploring caves for fossil remains. Now the caves have supplied another amazing finding, reported by Clara Moskowitz for LiveScience:

Scientists recently uncovered a new species of tiny insect in a cave on Easter Island. The find is exciting because most of the island’s native life has gone extinct, researchers said.

The still-unnamed insect was discovered in a cave within the Roiho lava flow in west-central Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui) in the South Pacific Ocean. The species – roughly the size of a grain of rice – is a type of book louse, in the order Psocoptera, the family Lepidopsocidae and the genus Cyptophania.

“This could be very important for piecing the natural history of the island together,” said research leader Jut Wynne, ecologist with the Colorado Plateau Research Station at Northern Arizona University and a Ph.D.

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