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The Hijacked Folklore of Jack Parsons

The assumption this article makes is that we all are acquainted with both the professional and personal highlights of the life and times of Jack Whiteside Parsons. If you are not familiar with Jack Parsons I would suggest the myriad of articles written on the infamous rocket scientist before proceeding. Using Disinformation alone will render you plenty of well-written articles that will no doubt, once read in total, give you an idea of who this forgotten hero of 20th century science was all about.

Los Angeles Times publicity photo of John Whiteside "Jack" Parsons during the murder trial of police officer Earl Kynette

Los Angeles Times publicity photo of John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons during the murder trial of police officer Earl Kynette


My purpose here is not to give a blow by blow rendering of Parsons’ personal and professional resume, but rather briefly discuss why the name Jack Parsons isn’t foremost among the marquee scientific minds of the 20th century. Why have Parsons’ accomplishments been largely ignored over the accomplishments of his contemporaries of the time?… Read the rest

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Did Germany Launch A Manned Rocket Into Space In 1933?

medium2Could there be any truth to tales of early space travel success in 1930s Germany? Just imagine how different the World War II outcome could have been had it involved Astro-Nazis. Via io9:

On October 29, 1933, the London Sunday Referee published a report from Rugen, an island in the Baltic Sea, just off the coast of Germany. Someone named Otto Fischer had flown inside a 24-foot steel rocket, to an altitude of six miles. Were the Germans really testing out a rocket that could carry people, nearly three decades before Yuri Gagarin?

Reports said that Otto was the brother of the rocket’s designer, Bruno Fischer. The flight had been made in total secrecy because of a fatal attempt at a launch the previous year, combined with the fact that the flight had been made under the auspices of the Reichswehr, the German War Ministry.

“It was a tremendous sensation,” Fischer reported.

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Amateur Rocket Launch Reaches 121,000 Feet (Video)

The U.S. government considers anyone who travels 264,000 feet above the ground as an astronaut. So, this rocket did pretty good. The video is more telling, quite the backyard project:
Led by Derek Deville, the rocketeers launched their custom-built 26 ft. (8 meter) Qu8k (pronounced "Quake") rocket on September 30, 2011 from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It reached an altitude of 121,000 feet (36,880 meter) in 92 seconds, at speeds of 2,185 mph (3,516 km/h).
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